Canelo-GGG 2 Live Round-by-Round Results

On Sept. 16, 2017, Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez collided in an anticipated bout, and it ended up a Fight of the Year candidate. But everything came crashing to a halt when a highly controversial and disputed 118-110 scorecard in favor of Alvarez brought forth a split draw.

Now, 364 days and many months of controversy and negotiations later, the rematch is set.

Golovkin and Alvarez’s rematch was originally set to take place back in May, but Alvarez ended up testing positive for clenbuterol, pulling a month before the fight’s scheduled date and receiving a six-month suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Meanwhile, Golovkin successfully made a middleweight title defense against Vanes Martirosyan, scoring a second-round knockout.

The bad blood has been seen throughout the build-up, with the normally calm GGG criticizing Canelo at every end due to the failed tests. Meanwhile, Canelo and his team have criticized GGG for underestimating. Neither man looked at the other during the final press conference, but the two were quickly separated at the weigh-in.

WBA/WBC/IBO/vacant lineal/vacant The Ring Middleweight Titles: (c.) Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez:

Round 1: The two move out to the center of the ring. Right to the side of the body by Alvarez. The two are feeling each other out here. Couple of left jabs from GGG. Some more lefts from GGG. Small combination from Canelo. Canelo misses a couple of lefts. Each man is leading with the left jab and trying to follow it up with something. Some more exchanging before the first round ends with the two being separated from a clinch.

Round 2: Canelo starts the round with a couple of lefts. The two exchange hooks. GGG looking to lead with the left again. Right to the body by Alvarez. Left by Alvarez, and GGG’s cheekbone is swelling a bit. GGG lands the overhand right. Jab by Canelo. Canelo counters a hook from GGG. GGG with a jab to the body and misses with the left hook. Three jabs from Canelo. The two exchange evenly for a little while. GGG throws a left. Canelo lands a jab.

Round 3: Each start by again throwing a couple of left jabs before a clinch. Weak left hook from Canelo. The two exchange uppercuts. Canelo misses the overhand right, but he lands a left jab. Alvarez misses the straight. Canelo standing and trading with GGG, and he lands a right hook. GGG hits a right jab but immediately eats a hook from Canelo. GGG throws a weak combination. GGG misses a big uppercut. Canelo lands a combo, followed by a jab. The two clinch up and have to be separated.

Round 4: GGG misses with the left uppercut. Each miss a hook. Canelo throwing to the body but can’t land much. Canelo lands a hook to the side. GGG lands a big uppercut. He follows it up by going back to working the jab. Left to the body by Canelo. GGG continues to work the jab. Canelo misses the left, and GGG lands one to the body of Alvarez. Canelo lands another body hook.

Round 5: Each tries to land one at the body to start the fifth. GGG lands a jab to the head. GGG lands an uppercut to the body, followed by a right hook. Meanwhile, Canelo aims for the body again. Canelo lands a strong right. Canelo chasing down and applying the pressure to GGG, cutting off the ring. Left to the head of GGG. Canelo avoids a few GGG punches. Canelo lands a left, and GGG answers with a couple of jabs. Canelo with a combination to the body. A lot of exchanging in the closing seconds of this round.

Round 6: Uppercut to the body by Canelo. Right by Canelo. Canelo lands another couple of left hooks to the body. Canelo continues to seemingly be the one who’s setting the pace and applying the pressure here. Canelo lands a small combination as the two exchange in back-and-forth action here in the sixth. The two trade heavy jabs and straights in the center of the ring. Clash of jabs. The two missing some big uppercuts and hooks. Canelo gets in one more jab before the bell that signals the halfway mark.

Round 7: Exchange in close to start the seventh. Canelo misses a couple of uppercuts to the body. GGG lands a right. Canelo lands a couple of shots to the sides. Canelo landing a couple of lefts. Right hand by Canelo. GGG lands a left. The action slows down a bit, as Canelo seems to be a bit tired. Canelo misses a couple of lefts. Golovkin lands a left to the head. Canelo lands a couple of lefts. GGG counters a Canelo combination with a jab. Canelo attempts to answer back in the closing seconds, and GGG fires back before the bell.

Round 8: The two exchange inside punches and trade jabs. Right hand from Canelo. Body shot by Canelo, followed by another right. GGG throws a few lefts. Canelo lands a left to the body. The two exchanging close in the center of the ring once more. GGG throws a weak combination that doesn’t land much. Right by Canelo. Left by Canelo after a weak combo from GGG. Canelo misses a wild left hook. GGG misses the one-two. Left by GGG. GGG lands a small three-punch combo in the closing seconds.

Round 9: Canelo misses a couple of body shots. Canelo lands a left, but there’s a cut over his eye. The two exchange hooks and jabs as the fight’s pace picks back up. Canelo throws a left. Clinch, followed by GGG throwing a couple of lefts. Canelo lands a left hook. Pace goes back down a bit, as Canelo goes back to aiming for the body, being more selective with his punches. Canelo lands a left to the head and just misses one with the right. GGG answers back, and a cut on Canelo’s eyebrow is getting worse. Canelo misses the right.

Round 10: GGG lands an uppercut to the body. Canelo throws an uppercut and then lands a right hook. Canelo working a combination. Right hand by GGG, and Canelo fires back. Canelo’s one-two is blocked. The two exchange jabs. A couple of good shots to the head, and Canelo is rocked! Canelo manages to stay up though, and he tries to fire back. Right hand by GGG. A weak combination by GGG, and Canelo misses a few hooks. Both men appear to be gassed. GGG clinches. GGG lands a couple of more shots to the head in the closing seconds.

Round 11: Left to the body by Canelo. GGG throws a few jabs, which Canelo answers. GGG gets Canelo’s back to the ropes, but the Mexican fighter quickly gets out of the hole. GGG clinches up. Canelo lands one to the body, but GGG lands a solid shot of his own. GGG looks like the stronger fighter halfway through. Canelo lands one to the body and one to the head. GGG lands a weak left. Canelo clinches up, and both men seem gassed. A couple of lefts form GGG. Canelo throws two jabs and the two exchange to the bell.

Round 12: The two throw heavy leather right out of the gate in the final round! GGG lands an uppercut. GGG lands a left, which Canelo answers. Canelo lands a couple of jabs before slipping. Canelo throws a right to the body. GGG working the jab to lead to something else. GGG blocks a Canelo right. GGG throws an uppercut before the two clinch twice. The two look for last winds as they fire away. Canelo misses a right uppercut. The two get in close again. They each miss an uppercut. T-Mobile Arena gives both men a standing ovation as they trade to the final bell.

Official Decision: Canelo Alvarez def. (c) Gennady Golovkin via majority decision (114-114, 115-113, 115-113)

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