Canelo and GGG Go The Distance- Ends In A Draw

In one of the most anticipated fights of the past decade, Gennady Golovkin came to Las Vegas for the first time in his career as he faced Canelo Alvarez.

In a fight that yielded an early advantage for the Mexican counter puncher, GGG was able to find a rhythm in the middle rounds being able to dictate the pace with his jab as Canelo was attempting to lock in with his counter punching. In the last three rounds, Chapo Reynoso told Canelo he needed three perfect rounds to win this fight. Alvarez brought his power and dictated the pace in the early part of round ten but allowed Golovkin opportunities to regain the control of the fight.

The final round brought the fight that was wanted by the sold out crowd in Las Vegas, Alvarez landing power shots and trying to force Golovkin to react to him and slip up, but GGG would stand and keep moving ahead as we went to the score cards.

And when the scorecards were given out,  Adalalide Byrd  118-110 for Alvarez, Dave Moretti  scoring it 115-113 or Golovkin, and Don Trella making it a 114-114 split for fighter, and the deciding judge splitting the fight for both fighters.

Immediately after the fight Max Kellerman asked both fighters if they wanted a rematch, both agreed and say they can beat the other if and when a second fight is secured.

Round-by-Round for the main event plus results for the rest of the main card below.


The opening contest of the night saw a full ten rounds as Francisco Rojo lost a close and controversial fight to Ryan Martin. Martin out punched Rojo for a majority of the fight and saw  the official stop the fight numerous times due to several punches landing below the belt over the later rounds.

Our second fight of the main card, Diego De La Hoya continued his winning ways as he gives Randy Caballero his first ever loss. Caballero could not recover after a slip early in the fight, coming off a rare disease which necessitated foot surgery. This is Caballero’s third fight in two years who put forth great effort, but was overmatched by De La Hoya.

Tijuana fighter Rafael Rivera showed exceptional grit and effort on four days notice, but in a WBC title match eliminator, Joseph “Jojo” Diaz Jr showcased his ability and punching as he dominated to win via unanimous decision.

Round 1:

A feeling out process, as both men land a high rate of their punches, a rare feeling out period for GGG.

Round 2:

Alvarez loosens up throughout the course of the round and lands more power punches than GGG.

Round 3:

GGG looks to get into a groove, yet has not been able to land a body shot against Alvarez in the round.

Round 4:

For the first time tonight, GGG gets into a solid groove and is able to land solid combinations. And for the first time since the first round he is able to dictate the tempo against Canelo.

Round 5:

Best round of the night so far as we enter the midway point, both men finally seeming comfortable and both putting pressure on each other and looking to showcase their aggression..

Round 6:

Golovkin continues to dictate the pace, but Alvarez finds ways to counter punch GGG’s combinations.

Round 7:

Gets past the halfway point, Alvarez is being outpunched 110-91 but still finds way to stay in with his counter punching.

Round 8:

GGG continues to chip away with more punches, Canelo continuing to find counter shots and make clean shots.

Round 9:

Statement round for Golovkin as he continues to chip away at Alvarez, but powerful shots by Canelo continue to keep him in it as we head into round 10.

Round 10:

Canelo comes out strong in the round in his most aggressive start in the fight, but slows down enough to allow GGG some space to make the round close.

Round 11:

GGG brings the fight and we enter the final round with the power punches being the same from both fighters.

Round 12:

Canelo comes out swinging and GGG comes to dance in the final round, as Alvarez lands twice the amount of power punches as we go to the score cards.

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