Canelo Responds To A Potential Crawford Fight – ‘Nobody Is Going To Give Me Credit If I Beat Him’

Canelo Alvarez has suggested that he would not get any credit for beating Terence Crawford

Bud entertained the idea of a fight initially at a catchweight of 158 pounds. That suggestion was dismissed by Alvarez, who has not fought below super middleweight since 2019. Thereafter, Crawford revealed that he would be willing to jump up three weight classes in order to make the fight. Although Canelo suggested that he would be open to it, a win for him would do nothing for his legacy. After all, he is expected to win such a bout. 

“They talking about the fight with Gervonta. I think he said, ‘Nobody is going to give me credit if I beat him.‘ It’s the same thing,” Canelo

Those comments followed the same line of reasoning when Gervonta Davis claimed that he could stop Crawford. The latter made it clear that he would be open to the fight if Davis moved up to 147. This would require him to jump up two weight classes and fight at welterweight for the first time in his career. But even if that did happen, Crawford admitted that the win would not be respected. 

“No knock to Tank, but there are definitely levels. If he thinks he’s going knock Terence Crawford out, he has another thing coming. I’d stay at 147 lbs for him; that’s a big money fight. But nobody’s going give me credit. Tank’s like 5’5, he’s a little guy,” Crawford

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