Canelo: Risks Are Needed To Make History

Some are considering Canelo Alvarez crazy for trying to go up two weight classes to win a championship, but he feels with preparation and strategy, as well as his passion, he will overcome any obstacle he may face.

Alvarez challenges WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev on November 2, looking for a title in a fourth weight class.

Alvarez says he has been preparing for the power Kovalev may bring and how to work around someone who is naturally bigger than he is. With his gameplan intact, Alvarez says he’s ready for whatever Kovalev may bring.

In fact, Alvarez also doubled down on his thought to go to 175, stating that risky situations are necessary to making boxing history and spreading a legacy.

“Yes, it is crazy [to go up by two divisions], but I think that in order to make history we have to do this kind of thing and we believe in our abilities as a fighter, in that we have the experience, and the strength to win this fight and that is why we are here. We got to this field because we believe in my abilities to overcome this great challenge,” Canelo told ESPN Deportes.

“We’ve trained for [fighting a bigger man], enduring the pace of a heavier weight than myself. I sparred with larger fighters, heavier fighters, fighters at weights that would allow me to fight at 175, to allow me [to] adapt to that [weight].

“The most dangerous thing about Kovalev is to climb two weight classes to where he fights. He is a strong fighter, he knows how to manage the distance, he uses his legs very well, he already has experience in this division, I have to take care of everything. I am facing something that I’ve never faced before, let’s see how it goes on November 2nd.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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