Canelo Vs. Charlo Does 650,000-700,000 PPV Buys

Canelo Alvarez’s fight with Jermell Charlo sold around 650,000-700,000 pay-per-views.

The fight was dubbed a battle of ‘two undisputed champions’ in a fight where Charlo jumped up two weight classes. The American’s aim of becoming a two-time-undisputed champion suffered as he was comprehensively beaten via a unanimous decision.

There had been an expectation that Charlo would have put up a bigger fight, given the number of people tuning in. Ultimately, it was a one-sided affair, but it still managed to do good numbers. The figures appear similar to the Errol Spence Jr. vs Terence Crawford fight, which did a reported 700,000 buys. That just goes to show that Canelo is still a cash cow in the sport. Nevertheless, the fight did not live up to the expectations of everyone, with some feeling that the performance did not warrant the cost.

“Charlo wants credit for going the distance. He doesn’t get it in my book. He wants credit for not getting knocked out. He doesn’t get it in my book. If you take on a challenge like this, I don’t care if you go up one weight class, two weight classes, or three weight classes, you have an obligation to try and win. People are paying money to try and see you win.

“People are spending $85 bucks on pay-per-view to see you try to win, and he didn’t do that. If his career ended tomorrow, this would be the fight that he’s remembered for. By going up two weight classes and challenging Canelo Alvarez, but not really challenging him,” Chris Mannix (Reporter)


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