Canelo vs. Jacobs Live Results

It’s the most anticipated fight of the year thus far for boxing fans, and it’s finally about to take place as WBA/WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez does battle with IBF champion Daniel Jacobs in a title unification match.

A fight between Alvarez and Jacobs is the biggest the middleweight division has seen outside of each man’s wars with Gennadiy Golovkin. Despite all the hype surrounding their fight, championships and legacies, both men have remained calm throughout fight week.

Alvarez’s professional record is unblemished outside a loss to Floyd Mayweather and a draw in the first fight with GGG. At this time last year, however, Alvarez was caught up in a scandal surrounding a positive test for Turinbaol. It looked like a GGG rematch wouldn’t happen, and questions and doubts about his legacy were thrown around.

But in 2018, Alvarez was able to hand the formerly unbeaten Kazakhstani fighter his first defeat, and three months later, in his Madison Square Garden debut, he knocked out Rocky Fielding to also claim the WBA “World” Super Middleweight Championship. Many say with a win over Jacobs, he could compete with Terence Crawford and Vasyl Lomachenko for the title of boxing’s ranked pound-for-pound best.

After defeating cancer, Jacobs went on a roll by winning the WBA “World” Middleweight Championship in August 2014 and defending the title four times until losing it to GGG in their March 2017 unification bout. Jacobs rebounded with wins over Luis Arias and Maciej Sulecki and earned a crack at the IBF Middleweight Title after GGG was stripped of it prior to Canelo-GGG II.

In that fight, Jacobs did not look at his best against Serhiy Derevianchenko, despite knocking him down in the first round. Still, Jacobs edged him out on a split decision to win the IBF crown. Now, with a win over Alvarez, Jacobs could not only pull off one of boxing’s biggest upsets, but may cement his legacy as one of the greatest middleweights in boxing.

It’s time for history to be made. FIGHT SPORTS brings you live coverage of Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs!

WBA/WBC/IBF Middleweight Title Unification Bout: (WBA/WBC Champion) Canelo Alvarez def. (IBF Champion) Daniel Jacobs via unanimous decision (115-113, 115-113, 116-112)
Super Lightweight Bout: Vergil Ortiz Jr. def. Mauricio Herrera via KO (Rd. 3, 0:29)
Super Featherweight Bout: Joseph Diaz Jr. def. Freddy Fonseca via TKO (corner stoppage) (Rd. 7, 2:07)
Super Featherweight Bout: Lamont Roach def. Jonathan Oquendo via unanimous decision (97-92, 97-92, 96-93)

Middleweight Title Unification Bout: (WBA/WBC Champion) Canelo Alvarez vs. (IBF Champion) Daniel Jacobs

Round 1: Both men not throwing, feeling each other out and circling. A couple of jabs from Canelo. Jacobs throws a couple of jabs to the body. Left hand by Jacobs. Jacobs lands with a right jab. Hard right hand by Alvarez that backs Jacobs up early. Jacobs going downstairs with the jab again. One-two by Canelo. Right hand to the body by Canelo. Body shot by the WBA/WBC champ. Small inside combination by Jacobs. Three left jabs by Jacobs. Jacobs switches to southpaw and throws a couple of lefts. Two lefts from Alvarez.

Round 2: A couple of left hands by Jacobs to start. Lefts from Alvarez. Jacobs missed a body shot. Right hook to the body by Alvarez. Jacobs works the left jab before Alvarez lands one of his own. Jab by Alvarez that lands on the body. And again. Alvarez working his jab well. Alvarez nails a hook to the body. Both are trying to land to the body. Jacobs lands one now. Alvarez lands two rights and Jacobs is on his back foot. A clinch and the ref has to separate. Combination to the body and head by Jacobs. Each man lands a straight. Jacobs with the left jabs again. Right hand to the body by Canelo, followed by a jab. Each man just misses a big shot before the bell.

Round 3: Jacobs working the jab to start the third. Jacobs lands on the body. Canelo misses a right hook. Jab by Jacobs. Right hand by Canelo to the body. Combination by Canelo, nailing Jacobs, whose back is on the ropes briefly. Nice exchange from both men. A couple of lefts from Alvarez. Combination by Jacobs. Alvarez misses a right. Clinch. Right by Jacobs. Jacobs landing to the body. Alvarez lands a lead hook. Each man looks to land to the body late.

Round 4: A couple of lefts from Jacobs to start. One-two by Canelo. Jacobs working the jab, and each lands a jab. Canelo’s the one on the front foot, and he fires a one-two. Alvarez avoids a right to the body from Jacobs. Combination by Alvarez. Another clinch, with both men landing behind the head. Two hands by Jacobs. Right hand by Alvarez and then missing a big uppercut. A couple of lefts from Alvarez, and Jacobs can feel the power. Alvarez continues to tag Jacobs. Left hand by Alvarez. Combination by Jacobs, but not much lands.

Round 5: A couple of lefts from Alvarez. Jacobs working the jab, but can’t connect with the follow-up right to the body. A few lefts to the body. Alvarez now lands to the body, coming forward. Alvarez working the left jab. Left hand by Canelo. Left jabs by Jacobs. Jacobs being very inactive, and he isn’t throwing with much conviction. Canelo landing several jabs on the IBF champ. Alvarez lands a left hook to the body. Combination by Jacobs. The two slug before the bell.

Round 6: The two circle as Jacobs works the left jab. Combination by Jacobs. And again, though not much lands as Canelo backs up. Alvarez throws a couple of right hands, but Jacobs lands one. Alvarez throws a right. One-two missed by Jacobs. Right jab from each man. Jacobs misses a right hook. Alvarez lands a hard right. Alvarez with a combination ending in an uppercut.

Round 7: Jacobs come out in southpaw stance, but it’s not doing much for him as Canelo fires out a flurry to start the round. Canelo gets Jacobs’ back to a corner and Jacobs clinches up. Canelo firing a big combination on Jacobs. Jacobs trying to work the right jab, trying to touch Alvarez around the body. Big right hook by Jacobs just missed. Jacobs tags Alvarez to the body. Combination by Jacobs to the body. Alvarez misses with the left. Jacobs lands low to the body with a left, but Alvarez is cutting off the ring and standing right in front of Jacobs. Each man lands to the body before the end of the round.

Round 8: Left hand by Canelo. One-two by Canelo. Combination by the Mexican champion. Canelo continuing to tag the body of Jacobs. Canelo lands to the body. One-two missed by Canelo. Jacobs throws a combination. Each lands a jab. Alvarez coming after Jacobs, and Jacobs can’t land a counter. Alvarez’s back gets to the ropes and fires a combination in close. Jacobs fires a flurry and Alvarez isn’t stumbling, answering. Jacobs snaps Alvarez’s head back and the two are trading in the closing seconds. A few left hands from Canelo. Jacobs lands several hooks before the end of the round.

Round 9: Each man working the jab, with Jacobs for some reason going back to southpaw. Jacobs aims high and then goes low to the body, mixing his levels. Canelo lands to the body. Each man lands a hook, but Alvarez got the better of it and lands several more hard shots. Jacobs, however, snaps Alvarez’s head back with a shot. Left hand by Jacobs. Both exchanging. Jacobs lands a one-two before the bell.

Round 10: Both men exchanging to start the 10th. Jacobs gets in on the inside of Canelo and backs him up and lands. Hard right hand by Canelo upstairs in the clinch. Jacobs lands a couple of jabs. Alvarez lands a hook. The two exchange briefly, letting their hands go. Combination thrown by Jacobs. Jacobs is mixing it up, landing as Canelo’s back is to the ropes. Jacobs lands to the body. Jacobs goes to the body, but Alvarez lands to the head. Jacobs works the right hand. Jacobs misses the left.

Round 11: Uppercut by Alvarez. Jab by Alvarez. A couple of rights by Jacobs, and Alvarez throws a hook. Combination by Alvarez. Jab to the head by Alvarez. Right jab by Alvarez. Uppercut by Jacobs. Jacobs lands one on the belt line. Power jab by Canelo, as the two try to land on the inside. Pace has slowed and crowd is growing upset. Canelo trying to hold off Jacobs with the left jab, as Jacobs lands again and again on the inside. Left to the body by Canelo. Jacobs now coming forward with another onslaught until Canelo clinches. Right hand by Alvarez. Right hook by Alvarez. And another right.

Round 12: The two have to be separated in a clinch already. Jacobs throwing to the body. Canelo throws a one-two. Jacobs slips in the center of the ring and the referee calls time to dry the center of the ring. Each lands a jab. Jacobs lands inside with a two-punch combination. Alvarez answers with a combo of his own! Right hand and uppercut by Jacobs, getting Alvarez’s back to the ropes. But Alvarez answers! Clinch separated. Jab by Canelo. Uppercut from Canelo lands inside. Canelo lands to the body, but Jacobs comes in aggressive. Canelo lands a jab to the head and Jacobs aims for the body. The two exchange upon the 10-second clapper. This one goes to the card!

Official Decision: Canelo Alvarez def. Daniel Jacobs via unanimous decision (115-113, 115-113, 116-112)

Super Lightweight Bout: Vergil Ortiz Jr. vs. Mauricio Herrera

Round 1: Combination to the body by Herrera. Jab to the body by Ortiz. Jabs by Herrera. Herrera countering on Ortiz. Jab from each man. Combination by Ortiz, with a hook that hurt Herrera. A couple of jabs from Ortiz. Three-punch combination by Ortiz. A couple of hooks by Ortiz. Herrera working on the jab. Ortiz coming after Herrera, and Herrera is on his back foot at the bell.

Round 2: Jab by Ortiz. Small combination by Ortiz. Three jabs by Herrera. One-two by Herrera, followed by two jabs. A jab from each man. Herrera chasing Ortiz with his jab. Right and a left from Ortiz. Right-hand counter by Ortiz, followed by a combination. Herrera tries to go to the body, but he runs into the jab of Ortiz. Herrera slips. Big right hand hurts Herrera, and Diaz fires a flurry! He drops Herrera right as the bell sounds!

Round 3: Ortiz lands a right hook and Herrera is already stumbling once again! Another flurry from Ortiz and Herrera, out on his feet, goes down as the referee steps in to save him from extra damage! Big win for Vergil Ortiz Jr.!

Official Result: Vergil Ortiz Jr. def. Mauricio Herrera via KO (Rd. 3, 0:29)

Super Featherweight Bout: Joseph Diaz Jr. vs. Freddy Fonseca

Round 1: Fonseca working the jab to start. Each focuses on throwing right straights and jabs. Hook by Diaz. Jab by Diaz. Diaz throws three left hands. Left by Fonseca, answered back by Diaz. Right hand by Diaz, who then attacks the body. He is landing some powerful shots, even if not all of them are landing. Combination by Diaz. Left by Fonseca, then a right. Fonseca landing some big shots to the body in close. Combination by Diaz again. Right hand by Fonseca. One-two by Fonseca.

Round 2: A couple of rights from Fonseca to start. Diaz lands one to the body. Referee has to separate them in a clinch. Each man throws a right. Close left by Fonseca, and Diaz misses an overhand. Diaz landing to the body, followed by shots to the head. Another body shot by Diaz. One-two and a follow-up by Diaz. Diaz lands a countershot to the head. Hook by Diaz. A couple of hooks by Diaz. Another one-two from Diaz. Fonseca grazes Diaz’s body with a power shot.

Round 3: A couple of power rights from Diaz early on in the third. Diaz lands another powerful shot to the body and then clinches to counter a Fonseca straight. One-two from Fonseca. Another one-two from Fonseca, but Diaz throws a three-punch combination, with three different punches. Left hand from Fonseca. Right hook to the body by Diaz. Diaz with a straight to the body. Combination by Diaz. Overhand left. Combinations once again by Diaz. Hook to the body by Diaz. Diaz continuing to catch Fonseca before the bell.

Round 4: Right straight by Fonseca. Fonseca trying to work the jab but Diaz is good with his dodging. Two lefts from Diaz to the body. Combination upstairs by Diaz, followed by a few rights. Combination by Diaz. Left hand by Diaz. One-two by Diaz. Straight to the body by Diaz. Fonseca is just eating punishment throughout this fight. Combination by Diaz, who is continuing to change levels with his shots. Fonseca working a right jab. Diaz misses a left, and Fonseca misses a right.

Round 5: Combination from Diaz as he tries to catch Fonseca coming in with the jab. A few right hands by Fonseca. Body shot by Fonseca. Hook by Diaz. Diaz working some straights. Combination by Fonseca. Two-punch combination by Diaz. Hook by Fonseca. Body shot by Diaz. Fonseca eats a couple of lefts from Diaz. Left hand by Diaz. Small combination by Diaz. Right hook and a straight by Diaz. Body shot by Diaz, who follows up with a one-two upstairs.

Round 6: A couple of right hands by Fonseca to start. A couple of lefts from Diaz. Straight right by Diaz. Small combination by Diaz. Body shot by Diaz. Jabs from Diaz upstairs. Fonseca fires jabs of his own. Referee has to separate a hold. Diaz backing Fonseca up with combinations. Flurry by Diaz. Straight hand by Diaz that snaps Fonseca’s head back, and Diaz is coming after him with a flurry and scores a knockdown! Fonseca gets up and sees the bell.

Round 7: Fonseca’s corner is warning their fighter to answer, otherwise the fight will be stopped. Diaz lands a couple of jabs. Diaz throws several body shots and Fonseca misses an uppercut. Weak jab by Fonseca, who has landed just four significant punches in this fight. Body shot by Diaz. Diaz mixing his punches up some more. Fonseca continuing to eat shot after shot from Diaz in the center of the ring, and Fonseca’s corner throws in the towel!

Official Result: Joseph Diaz Jr. def. Freddy Fonseca via TKO (corner stoppage) (Rd. 7, 2:07)

Super Featherweight Bout: Lamont Roach vs. Jonathan Oquendo

Round 1: A couple of jabs from each man to start, as the two feel each other out. A few left hands from Roach. Oquendo misses with an overhand. Combination from Roach that includes a successful shot to the body. Oquendo clinches Roach up against the ropes and the ref has to separate them. Left hook by Roach. Bodywork by Roach, but Oquendo comes after him with several hooks. The two end in a clinch, as Roach looked bothered a bit, and the ref has to separate them twice. Oquendo misses a hook, but lands a shot to the body. Another clinch. Left hook from Oquendo. Roach already busted open.

Round 2: Oquendo already on the attack to open up the second round. Roach clinches up and another separation. Oquendo lands to the body. Oquendo lands a right. Roach gets in close and lands a couple of shots, but Oquendo lands a left. Ref has to separate the two once more. Left hand by Roach. The two exchange, and Roach throws a couple of one-twos, landing a right hand. Left to the body by Oquendo. Oquendo misses an uppercut. Combination by Roach. One-two by Roach. Oquendo misses a left hook. Roach lands one when he catches Oquendo coming in. Roach misses a left. Left by Roach. Small flurry from Oquendo.

Round 3: Jabs from both men to start before more clinching. Oquendo misses a hook, but he’s coming after Roach. Left from Oquendo. Right hand by Oquendo and he throws a few combinations, chasing down Roach. Left by Roach. Body shots from both men in close. Body shot by Oquendo. Right hand by Roach. A couple of rights from Roach. Combination by Oquendo. Both land to the body in a clinch. A couple of rights from Oquendo, and now right hands by Roach. Body shot by Roach. Each misses a combination. Right hand by Roach. A couple of punches by Oquendo before the end of the round.

Round 4: Clinch already to start. Left hand by Roach. Oquendo trying to come in close, as Roach misses several shots. Roach lands a combination to the body. A few left hands from Oquendo as the two box up in the clinch. Roach misses an overhand. Weak combination by Oquendo. Oquendo lands a big body shot and Roach is holding on, buckling in pain. Oquendo landing more shots in close. Couple of body shots by Oquendo. Oquendo throws a right, backing Roach up. Oquendo applying more pressure to the body of Roach, backing him up to the ropes more. Right hand by Roach. Oquendo chases Roach down, but Roach lands a left before the bell.

Round 5: Oquendo attacking the body, throwing a combination. Left hand by Oquendo. Three-punch combo missed by Oquendo and Roach counters with a right. Roach lands a left. Left by Oquendo. Each lands a hook, as the two are trading now. Roach lands another counter, catching Oquendo coming in again. Counter combo from Roach, even if he is the one on the retreat. Combination missed by Oquendo. Left by Oquendo. Combination to the body by Roach. Left hand by Roach, who is still on his back foot by round’s end.

Round 6: Combination by Oquendo, coming in to start the sixth. Roach dodging a combination from Oquendo and then comes in close, landing a couple to the body. Oquendo lands a couple of shots inside. Oquendo with a couple of lefts. Right to the body by Roach. A few right hands on the inside by Oquendo. Left to the body by Roach. The two clash, and Oquendo fires a combination to the body. Oquendo continues to land in close. Pace has slowed here. Roach backs away from another clinch.

Round 7: Left hook and right straight by Roach to start. Right overhand by Oquendo. Left jab by Oquendo before a clinch. Roach lands a few shots to the body, with Oquendo attempting to answer. Oquendo misses a right, Roach misses a right. Combination by Roach. Small combination by Oquendo. Left hands by Roach. Lots of clinching once again, as the action hasn’t picked back up much. Hook by Oquendo. Body shot by Oquendo.

Round 8: Straights by Oquendo, with Roach clinching. Oquendo lands a headbutt and the referee deducts one point, much to some controversy from the crowd and commentators. More clinching. One-two by Oquendo. Each lands one. Right hook by Roach. Power jab by Oquendo. Oquendo continuing to move forward, and Roach barely avoids a low blow. One-two by Roach with a hook. Oquendo tries to back Roach into a corner, but Roach gets away and gets Oquendo’s back to the ropes. Both landing low body shots. Roach lands hard hooks to the body. Right hook by Oquendo. Right on the inside by Oquendo. One-two by Roach. Body shot by Oquendo, Roach tries to step back for a counter.

Round 9: Oquendo continues to come forward with his jab. Weak combination by Oquendo. Combination to the body by Roach. Oquendo applying pressure. More clinching. One-two by Oquendo. Oquendo misses an overhand. Roach with a counter right uppercut. Oquendo landing several shots in close. Left hook by Roach. Oquendo chasing him down, but Oquendo throwing several hooks, getting busy. Oquendo looks a bit bothered by the shots from Roach. Three-punch combo from Roach. Another combination from Roach and Oquendo fires back with one of his own with Roach’s back to the ropes. A couple of punches from Oquendo before the bell.

Round 10: The two fight in close right away to start the final round. Both men firing away with power shots to the body. Combination by Oquendo. Oquendo gets Roach into the corner. Oquendo misses a left hook. Oquendo lands an overhand right. Each lands to the body in a clinch. Jab and a hook by Oquendo. Roach looks gassed here in the 10th. Roach throws a weak shot. A couple of left hands from Oquendo. Right hand by Oquendo. Oquendo continuing to come forward, but Roach isn’t answering much here. Left and right hook by Roach. Roach misses a combination. Oquendo continuing to come forward and land a couple to the body. Right hand by Roach, catching Oquendo coming in one last time.

Official Decision: Lamont Roach def. Jonathan Oquendo via unanimous decision (97-92, 97-92, 96-93)

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