Canelo vs. Kovalev Live Results

In one of boxing’s most anticipated fights of 2019, current WBA (Super) middleweight and (Regular) super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez will look to win a world title in a fourth weight class when he challenges Sergey Kovalev for the WBO light heavyweight championship tonight.

The fight headlines a card co-promoted by Golden Boy Promotions (Alvarez’s promoter) and Main Events (Kovalev’s promoter) from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This fight took a while to come together, as it’s one that didn’t seem to be in the original plans for the Mexican superstar after he edged out Daniel Jacobs in May to become the unified WBA/WBC/IBF middleweight champion. In fact, expectations, and DAZN’s plans, were for a trilogy bout between Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin. And if Canelo-GGG III were to not take place, the expected alternative option was Alvarez and WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade competing in an undisputed title fight. But another name on DAZN’s alternative opponent list — Kovalev — caught his eye.

Kovalev had been ordered to face his WBO mandatory challenger, Anthony Yarde, in June, but the fight was pushed back to August 24. During that summer, Alvarez and Golden Boy attempted to negotiate for a fight with Kovalev and gave step-aside offers to Yarde. Kovalev, however, elected to face his mandatory, and Yarde refused the offers. Kovalev went on to finish Yarde in 11 rounds, while Alvarez announced his annual fight during Mexican Independence Day weekend would not be taking place in 2019.

Once Kovalev’s mandatory defense was done, however, negotiations resumed and the fight was made for November 2.

This will be Alvarez’s fifth straight fight with a title on the line, and he will look to extend a three-fight win streak. After battling Golovkin to a draw in September 2017, he defeated GGG for the WBA and WBC middleweight titles the following year before capturing the super middleweight title from Rocky Fielding three months later and defeating Jacobs in May.

Alvarez was stripped of the IBF middleweight title due to his pursuit of Kovalev, while the WBC chose to make Alvarez the first boxer to be designated WBC “Franchise” champion, moving the defendable world title from him to Jermall Charlo.

Kovalev is currently in his third reign as the WBO’s 175-pound champion. He originally won the title in 2013 and defended it eight times before losing it in his pair of bouts with Andre Ward. Following Ward’s retirement, Kovalev regained the title against Vyacheslav Shabranskyy and retained it against Igor Mikhalkin before losing it in shocking, upset fashion to Eleider Alvarez. He regained the title from Alvarez in February.

Will Canelo gain a title in another weight class? Or will Kovalev become the second to beat him and third to put a blemish on his near-perfect record? We’re about to find out.

FIGHT SPORTS brings you live coverage of Canelo vs. Kovalev!

WBO light heavyweight championship: (WBA (Super) middleweight champion and (Regular) super middleweight champion) Canelo Alvarez def. (c.) Sergey Kovalev via KO (Rd. 11, 2:15)

Ryan Garcia def. Romero Duno via first-round KO

For the interim WBA female flyweight championship: Seniesa Estrada def. Marlen Esparza via unanimous technical decision (90-81, 89-82, 88-83)

Blair Cobbs def. Carlos Ortiz via sixth-round TKO

WBO light heavyweight championship: Canelo Alvarez vs. (c.) Sergey Kovalev

Round 1: Canelo comes out working the jab. He also puts up his guard to block Kovalev’s small hooks to start. A couple of jabs from Kovalev. Alvarez lands to the body. Kovalev works the right jab some more. A few more left jabs from Kovalev. Alvarez misses a big hook. Alvarez misses a jab. Three-punch combo from Canelo, but nothing lands. A couple of more left jabs from Kovalev. A few more lefts from Kovalev. Two more right jabs from Kovalev. Small combination from Kovalev. One-two from Kovalev. The two are just feeling each other out, and Kovalev is just touching Alvarez right now. Left from Alvarez. Left uppercut from Alvarez.

Round 2: Alvarez with an early right hand. Kovalev flashing the left jab again. Small combination for Kovalev, who dodges a big hook from Canelo. Alvarez landed a counter left hook. Kovalev picking up the power on his jab. Left jabs from Kovalev. Three-punch combo for Kovalev. Another combo for Kovalev. Left hand from Kovalev. Alvarez backing Kovalev up but staying patient. Combo by Alvarez. He tried to close the distance, but Kovalev fires a three-punch combo. Counter-punch by Alvarez. Right hand by Kovalev, but it doesn’t land much.

Round 3: Alvarez with a left hand. Kovalev landed to the body, as Alvarez goes upstairs with the right. Alvarez with a counter right. Kovalev works the left jab some more. One-two by Kovalev. Left hook by Alvarez. Left hand by Kovalev. Left by Alvarez. One-two by Alvarez. Kovalev with a couple of left jabs. Jab by Alvarez. Combo by Kovalev is countered by a left from Alvarez. Kovalev continues to use his left jab. One-two by Kovalev answered by Canelo again. Right hand by Kovalev. More jabs from Kovalev. Each landing straights before the bell.

Round 4: Two left hands from Kovalev to start. Big left hook from Alvarez. Kovalev works the left jab before firing off a right. Each man throws a straight. Right hand by Kovalev. Left hands by Kovalev before he lunges forward and briefly clinches with Alvarez. Combination by Kovalev. Right to the body by Alvarez. Another clinch from Kovalev. Kovalev is trying to keep the distance, landing in some. Alvarez missed a big right. Right uppercut by Alvarez. A couple of left jabs from Kovalev. Alvarez with a left hook. A few left jabs from Kovalev. Left hand by Alvarez. Each throws a body shot.

Round 5: Kovalev tries to pressure Alvarez right off the bat, as Alvarez looked to answer. Left hook by Alvarez. Left hook by Kovalev to the body. Straight left by Alvarez. Kovalev avoids getting caught in the corner. Alvarez with a big body shot. Alvarez looking to work the body now, while Kovalev looking to keep the distance by using his jab. Right hook by Kovalev. Three-punch combo by Kovalev. Straight by Canelo. Brief clinch. Left hook by Canelo. Kovalev lands to the body and then lands to the head with a jab, avoiding a counter from Alvarez in the process. Kovalev with another body shot.

Round 6: Kovalev with a couple of two left hands. Left hand by Alvarez. A few lefts by Kovalev. A few lefts by Alvarez. Kovalev works the left jab some more. Three-punch combo by Kovalev. Alvarez looking to catch him with a left hook. Alvarez with another straight. One-two from Kovalev. Kovalev throws a few more lefts. A couple of more jabs from Kovalev. Right hand by Alvarez. Alvarez with a hook. A couple of body shots by Kovalev, and Kovalev may have been rocked some. Kovalev with a few more jabs.

Round 7: Straights from both men to start the seventh. A couple of left jabs from Kovalev. Kovalev continuing to just touch the middleweight champ up and dodge his counters. Kovalev ducks out of the way of a hook. Alvarez lands a left but misses a second. Kovalev throws a three-punch combo. Three-punch combo again by Kovalev. Canelo backs Kovalev up. Alvarez with a left. Left hand by Kovalev. A couple of jabs from Canelo. One-two from Alvarez, who is trying to get Kovalev’s back to the ropes.

Round 8: A couple of left jabs from Kovalev. Small combination from Kovalev. Right hand by Kovalev missed, as Canelo misses a combination. Canelo backing Kovalev up with his jab. Left jab by Alvarez. One-two by Canelo. Some lefts from Kovalev. Kovalev lands a jab, Alvarez lands a hook. Body shot by Kovalev. Left hand by Kovalev. Kovalev with a few more lefts. Pace has slowed here, and crowd isn’t happy about it. Kovalev continuing to work his jab.

Round 9: Alvarez throwing some left hands to start. One-two from Kovalev. Alvarez misses a body shot, Kovalev misses his. Kovalev with a hard jab. Kovalev warned for hitting with the shoulder. Alvarez misses a right hook. Combination to the body by Kovalev, though he is backed up by the Mexican fighter. Right hand by Kovalev. One-two by Alvarez. Another hook from Alvarez. Kovalev with the jab. Right hand by Alvarez. Body shot by Alvarez. Another body shot by Alvarez. A couple of lefts from Kovalev. Double jab by Kovalev.

Round 10: A clinch early between both men. Right hand by Canelo. Kovalev misses a few lefts. Kovalev with a weak right inside. Alvarez gets Kovalev’s back to the ropes, but Kovalev gets out of dodge. Right hand missed by Alvarez. Left to the body by Alvarez. Canelo misses a big left hook that could have been a dropper. Small combination by Kovalev. Right hand by Alvarez. Small combination by Kovalev. Kovalev chases Canelo with the left jab. Clinch. Canelo landing a combination with Kovalev’s back on the ropes.

Round 11: Kovalev fires off the left jab, while Alvarez fires off a combination at the start. Alvarez with a right uppercut. A few more uppercuts from Alvarez, and at least one of them has landed. Alvarez misses a right. Left hand by Kovalev. A few left jabs from Kovalev. Straight from each man, followed by a hook from Kovalev. Body shot by Alvarez. Left jab again by Kovalev touching the middleweight champ. Right hand by Alvarez. Big right hand and Kovalev is down! AND HE IS OUT!

Offical Result: Canelo Alvarez def. (c.) Sergey Kovalev via KO (Rd. 11, 2:15)

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