Carl Frampton, Michael Conlan Both Win Big In Return To Action

While it took a while for him to find the magic he needed, Carl Frampton was able to secure a win in his first fight since November. Inside the BT Sport Studio in London, Frampton was able to beat Darren Traynor via TKO in the seventh round.

As a result of the win, we are one step closer to seeing Frampton (28-2) face off against Jamel Herring.

“I’m happy to get the win, obviously,” Frampton said. “Far from my best, but I suppose people talk about rounds. I don’t think it’s going to harm me doing the rounds. If I had the chance to take him out in the first round, I would’ve done that.

“It was a better opponent for Herring than the original opponent because I think he was about my height, maybe even a little bit shorter. Darren isn’t a southpaw, but the dimensions are similar. I know I need to be a lot better for Herring. It’s good to get the rounds done. My hands are fine. No issues there. Onward and upward.”

The beginning of the fight saw a more reserved Frampton spring into action. He landed a right hand to the body while also avoiding the shots of Traynor. Round two saw him grabbing Traynor from the inside and smashing the top of his head. That earned a warning from the referee. It would be the last time Frampton would avoid controversy, as both fighters would then trade shots. Frampton would hit a far-away right to the face of Traynor.

To his credit, Traynor, who was a last-minute replacement opponent, would land several big shots in round three and would hit combinations to the body. He ended his half of the round with a big right hand. Frampton would end up staying with Traynor as the fight went on, however.

At the end of round four, Frampton started to look a little looser. He was moving around more and even coming forward when Traynor landed powerful blows. One shot would push Frampton back but Frampton would persevere.

It was discussed during the broadcast that Traynor surviving until the second half of the fight would upset Frampton. The latter seemed to mean what he said as he would land shots to the head and body to start the sixth. Following two-punch combinations, he would hit an overhand right and a left to the body for a quick knockdown.

Overall, Frampton would hit 18 power punches in the sixth.

Round seven continued where round six left off, with Frampton landing lefts to the body. Frampton would continue to hit shots by the beltline of Traynor, who would look to come back with shots of his own. A left hand was hit with such power that Traynor would just quit on the spot. Frampton was awarded the win and all the glory. He has now won two-fights in a row.

In other action, Michal Conlan would outland Sofiane Takoucht, ultimately winning via TKO in the tenth.

At first, Conlan (14-0) would attack the body, but after getting deducted points twice, would act more reserved. As an example, Conlan landed 14 shots in the fourth but would hit less than six each round after.

In the tenth round, both Takoucht and Conlan hit body shots. Conlan would then land a right hook and a left, following by multiple combination shots. Looking for the uppercut, Conlan would land a three-punch combination and a sweeping left hand. One last shot was hit and the referee called the fight off. He would hit 21 power punches in the last round.

According to CompuBox, Conlan landed 178 of 620 shots, while Takoucht would land 65 of 399 shots thrown.

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