Carl Froch Responds To Darren Till After Being Called A ‘Long Nose ‘T**t’

Carl Froch has reacted to Darren Till’s recent comments by suggesting that he would be open to fighting him.

The former super-middleweight champion is no stranger to seeing people call him out.

He was recently involved in a skirmish with Jake Paul, as the latter urged him to beat Anderson Silva to set up a fight with the Youtuber.

While the back and forth did not lead to any bout, it left an impression on Froch, who later confirmed that he would be open to fighting Conor McGregor in the cage.

With that being said, Till’s name has been mentioned. The latter left the UFC, showing his desire to enter the sport of boxing.

And in doing so, Till did not hold back on the British boxer.


“I always give it to Carl Froch. He’s someone who bites a lot. He’s only a b****nd, isn’t he? I’d love to fight Carl. Not saying he’s a sh*t boxer or anything, just at this stage now, I think I’d punch his head in,” Till to IFLTV

Those comments did not go down well with Froch, who let everyone know he was open to making a comeback.

“Does he not like being alive? Does he not like breathing? I’ve been retired 10 years, but you know what I’m like, I’ll exchange banter and, if it makes sense, I’ll step in the ring and give one of these MMA fighters or YouTubers an absolute pasting, just for the sake of boxing,” Froch

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