Carl Froch Warns Jake Paul Over Calling Him Out-‘You’re A Performing Clown’

Carl Froch is adamant that Jake Paul should not be calling him out after the American YouTuber proposed the idea of the two of them squaring off.

At the end of his training camp for his upcoming fight with Tommy Fury, Paul – aged 26 – took a swipe at four-time world champion Froch over his career earnings.

He then urged Froch to have a bout with UFC veteran Anderson Silva, whom he had defeated and suggested that he and Froch have their own fight later.

It is clear that Froch is not keen on the idea of fighting Paul, asserting that he is not on the same level.

“Don’t talk about me in the same league as you. I’m a four-time world champion. Two WBC titles here [pictured].; You’ll never, ever have one of them, you’re not good enough.

“You’re not a professional fighter, you’re a performing clown. That’s all you are. So keep my name out of your mouth until you’ve done something in the game,” Froch.

Additionally, Froch took the opportunity to remind Paul of his lack of boxing skills by making reference to his impressive knockout of George Groves during the last fight of his career.

Despite what Froch claims, heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora is doubtful that he would have a definitive edge in a fight against Paul.

Chisora goes as far as to suggest that he would be willing to put a considerable sum of money on the line in favour of Paul should they ever face off.

“He would beat Carl Froch, you know. He would beat Carl Froch. He will take the venom out of ‘The Cobra’ and pump him up! He will beat Carl Froch.

“I’m willing to bet £200,000 that Carl Froch would get his a*** dealt with… I’m being 100 per cent serious,” Chisora.

So will Froch vs. Paul happen? Watch this space.

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