Carter Starocci Targets The 2024 Olympics Followed By Jump To MMA

Carter Starocci, a wrestler from Penn State, did not take much time to enjoy his victory of being a three-time NCAA wrestling champion by looking ahead to the future.

Starocci’s confidence in his abilities is supported by his impressive track record. He has not lost a single match in three different NCAA tournaments, winning all 15 of them.

Additionally, his overall college career record stands at an impressive 61 wins and only two losses. In the recent national wrestling championship, Starocci secured his third consecutive victory in the 174-pound category by beating Mikey Labriola in the first period.

This win made him the fifth wrestler from Penn State to win the championship three times. Starocci immediately shifted his focus as he plans to resume his training for his next endeavor.

During a recent discussion, Starocci revealed his aspirations of making it to the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team, achieving a gold medal, and ultimately following Bo Nickal’s footsteps and making a jump to MMA.

“This is not where the train stops. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone asks me about that. But it’s not something that excites me. I kind of want to be a four-timer, and how the Olympics fall, that will be next year, my senior year. If I come back and wrestle next year, we’ll see. I plan on winning the Olympics. That’s where my head is.”

“I love [wrestling], but I also love fighting and I see Bo Nickal eating those dudes like it’s candy. It’s pretty easy I think that game’s a lot easier. So we’ll just take it a day at a time.”

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