‘Catching Lightning’: A Four-Part Documentary On UFC’s Lee Murray

Lee Murray, a former UFC fighter, will be the subject of a documentary entitled ‘Catching Lightning.’

Showtime is set to release the four-part documentary on April 7th, 2023, which tells the story of Murray’s incredible journey from a promising MMA fighter to carrying out the biggest robbery ever recorded in the UK.

In his first appearance in the octagon, Murray donned a prison outfit and a mask. Murray was victorious against Jorge Rivera in the first round through submission.

However, he faced legal problems that restricted him from entering the United States ever again. He participated in only one more fight and lost to Anderson Silva. Murray’s prison outfit was telling in light of what happened next.


He gained media attention once more when he played a key role in organizing the biggest cash robbery in the United Kingdom. The robbery took place at the Securitas depot located in Tonbridge, England.

The criminals involved in the heist fled with a massive loot amounting to over $92 million, and they were forced to leave behind an amount that was more than three times larger due to a lack of space to transport it.

Murray faced arrest and trial for the committed crimes, and as a result, he received a 25-year prison sentence. With that being said, the documentary had a lot to cover.

In his comments, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza said: “The story of Lee Murray and the Securitas Depot heist is the stuff of Hollywood heist movies: full of fascinating characters, thrilling action and shocking plot twists.

“I can’t think of anyone better suited to weave this cinematic page-turner than Pat Kondelis and his team at Bat Bridge Entertainment.

“This series is the epitome of what we aim to deliver: a captivating story about larger-than-life personalities and characters told through a relatable, human lens.”

If this is something you fancy watching, then make sure you check it out!

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