Cerrone Moving Back to Lightweight

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is beloved by many MMA fans, earning popularity for his finishes and his insane turnaround between fights. He has many notable wins under his belt, but at the same time, he has been one of those MMA fighters that fall short when given the chance at capturing gold or a title shot.

But Cerrone has fallen on some hard times in the Octagon. After going 28-7 with 1 No Contest at lightweight, and losing a UFC Lightweight Title bout against Rafael dos Anjos, Cerrone moved up to welterweight. Cerrone started off 4-0 at welterweight, including a highlight-reel third-round knockout over Matt Brown at UFC 206 last December. But he has since lost three straight — losing to Jorge Masvidal at a January Fight Night, Robbie Lawler at UFC 214 and Darren Till at an October Fight Night.

While on The Fighter and the Kid podcast, Cerrone says he has a plan to change his misfortunes around. Firstly, he’s going back to the division he found most of his success and popularity in — lightweight. Secondly, while it earned him many of fans before, he’s reducing the number of times he fights in a given year.

Cerrone hopes to compete in MMA for five more years.

“I’m going back to 155. I’m only 175, I’ve been waking up at 175 every day so it’s like pffft, I’m fine. I’m more focused. At 170, I can just not train and [expletive] off. I put more into it at 155 so let’s do it, let’s have a couple more fights. I probably won’t take 20 a year anymore. I’m probably gonna take it down a little bit.”

You can watch Cerrone’s appearance on the podcast in the video player above.

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