Chael Sonnen Excited About Boxing Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen is delighted to be fighting Anderson Silva in a boxing fight on June 15.  

The fight occurs in a five-rounder contest at 216 pounds from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They will fight in two-minute rounds. Sonnen has fought Anderson at UFC 117 and UFC 148. This will be Silva’s final fight in Brazil. Silva has had three boxing fights. Wins against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Tito Ortiz were followed by a loss against Jake Paul in 2022.

Sonnen has not had a boxing bout. The closest he came was a $2 million offer to fight Mike Tyson. The fight never materialized. Tyson will now box Jake Paul on July 20. Given the magnitude of this occasion, Sonnen was delighted at the prospect of facing Anderson in a trilogy. 

“I really felt honored, I felt a sense of pride that in Anderson’s final contest, he came to me,” Sonnen said. “My great moments in the sport are all tied to him. Whether it was big pay-per-views, big paydays, or fun and attention…they all tied into him. But, his great moments don’t all tie into me.

He had a bunch of world title fights and he did great things at 205 that I’m just thinking about… the [Forrest Griffin fight]…So the fact that he wanted to do and share his last moment with me, I don’t wanna ruin fight promotion, but that made me feel pretty good,” Sonnen said



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