Chael Sonnen Urges Francis Ngannou To Act Fast And Make A Move

UFC and Bellator veteran Chael Sonnen has some words of advice for Francis Ngannou, as things are not looking good for the former heavyweight champion.

Despite Ngannou’s decision to leave the UFC for greener pastures, Sonnen believes he’s not playing his cards right and needs to make some serious moves soon. With each passing second, the stakes are getting higher, and Ngannou needs to act fast if he wants to stay on top.

“Francis did a show yesterday with a gentleman, who is kind of a business show (host),” Sonnen told MMA Junkie Radio after he hosted a BKFC 41 news conference Tuesday at Palms Resort Casino. “The guy was breaking it down and he was asking Francis some very basic questions about the business of MMA. Francis, he looked like a deer in the headlights. He didn’t have the foggiest idea how to respond. I thought maybe he was past that, he had been around, he looked around, and kind of saw where some of the numbers came from, he saw what made sense. I think now that maybe he was still of the mindset of, ‘I knocked out three guys in a row and therefore,’ as if that just created money from the MMA money tree.”

MMA fans are on the edge of their seats as UFC and Bellator veteran Chael Sonnen hints at a major conversation that could impact Francis Ngannou’s future. While the details are still unclear, Sonnen, known for his razor-sharp insights and pro wrestling flair, emphasized that his remarks were not meant as insults to the heavyweight champ. Instead, he urged Ngannou to make a move and reach out to UFC President Dana White before it’s too late. Sonnen’s message was clear: cooler heads must prevail if Ngannou wants to secure his legacy in the sport.

“There are not a lot of (opponent options),” Sonnen said. “If we’re playing chess here, I don’t have two or three steps for Francis. I don’t know how old Francis is. He says he’s 36. He’s at least 36. I don’t know how old he is. I’m not sure he knows how old he is. I don’t bring that up to try to be funny. His body has already given out on him. He’s already telling somebody, ‘I’m on the free market. Bid a whole bunch of money for me. By the way, I’ve got a bad knee.’ Nobody in the world… no coach looks at a guy who is hurt and old and pays him a bigger check. It’s a really weird situation. I want him to get it figured out. I don’t say it to tease him. Time is ticking. Everyday he’s not signed, he’s losing.

“Let me put this in perspective for you. This is a very big deal. Three days ago was April 1 and they put out an April 1 joke. Tyson Fury put out an April 1 joke on social media that he and Francis was done and they are fighting in Wembley on May 15. Tyson Fury made a joke. Francis has changed his whole life. His whole life is different because he thought he was going to make up a sport and do it with a guy who is now using it as an April Fool’s joke. What ever has happened here? He’s got to get some cold water. He has to wake up and he needs to call back his boss.”

Francis Ngannou may have left the UFC as the heavyweight king, but he’s still on the lookout for his next big move. As a free agent, the 36-year-old fighter is weighing his options and considering offers from multiple combat sports promotions.

Ngannou made headlines earlier this year when he publicly voiced his concerns over fighter compensation and care, citing it as one of the reasons for his departure from the UFC. While both he and UFC boss Dana White have ruled out any chance of a reunion, a number of big names, including Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Scott Coker, Donn Davis, and David Feldman, have expressed interest in working with him.

Despite the buzz and speculation, nothing has materialized yet, leaving fans wondering where Ngannou will land next and how he’ll continue to make his mark in the world of combat sports.

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