Chael Sonnen Wants A Slap-Fighting Event In Oregon

Slap fighting was recently made into a sport.

Chael Sonnen wants to join in on slap fighting. 

The former UFC title challenger has been in the combat sports community in other ways since not competing since 2019. From analyst to promoter, Sonnen said that he’s interested in slap fighting. 

“I am onboard and I am open to this. I am a promoter here in Oregon and I have already booked venues. (I’m) finding talent to come in to hold a competition for the slap contest,” he said on his YouTube channel.  

“I will also share with you, aside from booking the venues, I haven’t taken a step in that direction. I don’t know if it’s gonna get over with you guys? So, I’m getting all the pieces together.” 

The Nevada Athletic Commission recently unanimously agreed to regulating Power Slap, a league for slap fighting. It will be headed by UFC President Dana White.  

In slap fighting, there are either two men or women who go against each other. They take turns slapping one another until one cannot continue. 

There’s been some pushback on the league, especially after the NAC said that knocked out participants can still continue. 

“Once the referee declares the finish, a clock of two minutes begins,” the rule states. 

“During this time, the Defender is given two minutes to recover, establish their fitness to continue as determined by the referee and cleared by the supervising physician and complete one Permitted Slap of their opponent. If the return strike results in a technical knockout or knockout of their opponent, the match is declared a Draw. If the return strike has any other result, then the Match result stands.” 

The impact of combat sports has also been put in question following a recent CTE study that shows how at risk fighters are. 

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