Chael Sonnen Will Box Jorge Masvidal In October

Chael Sonnen says he will box Jorge Masvidal in October. 

Sonnen recently announced he will fight Anderson Silva on June 15. It will be a five-round contest at 216 pounds. The fight will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Anderson will have his final fight in the country. Sonnen has faced Silva twice in the UFC. He lost on both occasions at UFC 117 and UFC 148, missing out on the UFC Middleweight Title.

Provided Sonnen gets past Silva without an injury, he wants a fight with Masvidal. However, Gamebread will box Nate Diaz on July 6. They will fight in a 175-pound light heavyweight clash from the Kia Forum in Inglewood. It is a rerun of their UFC 244 clash in 2019, where Masvidal emerged victorious to win the BMF Belt. 

Sonnen and Masvidal are not on the best of terms. Masvidal branded Sonnen a steriods cheat, threatening to break his orbital bone. Sonnen then stated he received threats from Masvidal, forcing him to go to a separate location during UFC 299 in Miami to avoid encountering Gamebread. Now, the two will settle their feud in the ring. 

“If we’re just letting all these secrets out, I’ve got this thing coming up with Jorge Masvidal in October of this year, and that thing has been coming up ever since ESPN sequestered me in Miami at UFC 299 to try to protect me from Masvidal. There was nothing that hurt my ego more than me being the one that was being locked down, and I only share that with you because I’ve known this Masvidal thing was coming,” Sonnen said 


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