Chamberlain Calls Okolie A Bully And That He Lacks “Sauce”

On February 3rd, Isaac Chamberlain and Lawrence Okolie are set to face off in a cruiserweight battle, with the very apt title of “British Beef.”

It is a fitting title for two reasons. The first being that Okolie prior to becoming a boxer, worked at his local McDonald’s. The other is the major social media “beef” coming from both men leading into Thursday’s press conference melee.

And while for some boxing fans, this event may not have been on their radar, these two fighters decided to turn up the heat on one another, creating a very compelling war of words, escalating into a newspaper ad.

While speaking with FIGHT SPORTS, Chamberlain lays the blame on Okolie for the war of words, saying that his opponent won’t shut up.

  “He talks excessively. I just think of it as a lack of confidence, if you’re good you don’t have to tell people you’re good…”

Chamberlain claims that Okolie makes it his business to attack other fighters on social media, and considers him to be a bully.

“Larry brought this on to himself, I’m not the bad guy, I’m the one who stands up to the bully.”

The biggest shot fired came from an advertisement taken out by Chamberlain in Okolie’s local newspaper, The Hackney Gazette. The ad listed Okolie looking for “work” and posting his resume, including a stint at McDonald’s.

In the ad, Chamberlain claims that his opponent will be able to count to ten after being dropped by the London born fighter. And Chamberlain is confident that it will be a “definite knockout victory.”

“I wanted to shock him… He’s talking all this stuff on Twitter.” says the 23 year-old cruiserweight. Chamberlain also admits that it was not only to get inside his opponent’s head, but to drive more eyes to the fight, “Everybody wants to see this fight, it’s successfully boosted both of our profiles.”

Okolie agreed when FIGHT SPORTS spoke with him following the very tense press conference:

“I had friends and family calling me, saying they wanted to tickets to see me knock this guy out.”

Chamberlain feels like he’s had to work for everything in his life and career, while Okolie was handed opportunities like a spot on the 2016 British Olympic team.

“I’ve had to work for everything I’ve had. Look at the quality of opponents he’s faced, and look at the quality of opponents I’ve faced. How could be satisfied fighting that caliber of opponent.”


One thing both men agree upon is that the other lacks the “sauce,” which not only is Okolie’s nickname, but a term coined by hip-hop artist Gucci Mane regarding someone’s swagger or seasoning.

Chamberlain believes Okolie can’t possibly have the “sauce” because, “people who can’t fight” cannot have it.

When asked what would be needed to finish Okolie before the final bell, Chamberlain stated that he’s going to have to not only beat him physically, but also emotionally.

“I have to break his heart, I’ll have to take his heart 1000% to win.”

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