Chandler Calls Out McGregor On WWE RAW, Claims They Have ‘Unfinished Business’

Michael Chandler appeared at WWE Monday Night RAW in Anaheim, calling out Conor McGregor.

A fight has been long overdue since their rivalry on TUF 31. Chandler won the show overall, as his team outdid team McGregor, while the Irishman won the coach’s challenge. McGregor announced their fight on New Year’s Day for June 29 at 185 pounds. Dana White dismissed that, saying the UFC would announce McGregor’s return. 

White has claimed the seriousness of McGregor’s injury and his mass wealth has complicated matters. But McGregor was actively campaigning for a fight. The Irishman claimed he was meant to fight in December, and then April, leading to suggestions the UFC is playing hardball with his career as McGregor has two fights left on his UFC deal.

But now Chandler has increased the pressure by putting McGregor on notice. The UFC fighter took control of the microphone and challenged McGregor to face him during the event. 

“What’s up, Anaheim? You are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet. Hey, now there’s a man from Ireland who’s been making me wait way too long and I still have got one dude on my mind. Conor McGregor, get your candy ass back to the octagon. We’ve got some unfinished business, boys. God bless. I’ll see you at the top,” Chandler said 

Chandler’s call out could be a sign of things to come following the recent merger between the UFC and WWE to form TKO Group Holdings Inc. Chandler also teased fans after sharing a picture of himself with Triple H, hinting he may have inked a deal with WWE.

The new UFC Featherweight Champion, Ilia Topuria, also wants McGregor after stopping Alexander Volkanovski. The Spaniard knocked out Volkanovski at UFC 298 in the second round. But since McGregor wants Chandler at 185 pounds, the fight is unlikely unless either fighter changes their weight significantly. Based on the social media response, fans wanted McGregor vs. Chandler.


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