Chandler Hopes Yamauchi Doesn’t Leave On A Stretcher

While Michael Chandler knows he will have to look in the mirror and admit his career is over one day, he’s not ready to walk away from what he loves.

The former Bellator lightweight champion had a four fight win streak and the title taken from him, when the referee and doctor made the injured Chandler stop in the midst of his defense against Brent Primus at Bellator’s first PPV event in 2017.

Even though Chandler felt like he could have kept going, if he wins this Saturday night at Bellator 192 against Goiti Yamauchi, he may get a chance to reclaim what he lost inside Madison Square Garden.

Talking with FIGHT SPORTS, Chandler, who prior to the loss to Primus finished three of his last four opponents, claims to be a “first round finisher” and that it’ll be a quick night for Yamauchi.

“The numbers speak for themselves, I’m a dominant, violent man when I step into the cage. I can fight fifteen minutes with my eyes closed and ankle weights on.”

When asked if he sees Yamauchi lasts until the scorecards, Chandler said “I pray to god that he can hang longer, than I think he can.”

During his most recent victory over Benson Henderson, Chandler utilized a German suplex on the way to a unanimous decision victory. On Twitter, a fan asked Chandler to whip out the suplex on Yamauchi, and while the former champion would be happy to oblige, he won’t go searching for it.

“It would be foolish for me to look for something like a suplex… but I’ve been known to do some crazy stuff in the cage, and that’s why fans like to watch me… If it happens it happens.”

When asked if he thinks Yamauchi could withstand a suplex, Chandler was hopeful that medics wouldn’t need to be call.

“He’s a lot smaller than Benson Henderson, so I hope he doesn’t leave on a stretcher.”

And while if he walks away the winner, he will get a shot at getting his championship back, Chandler has one moment running through his mind every day, and its of that moment every fighter dreads.

“There’s gonna be a time when everyone watches me fight for the last time… I’m gonna go back to the shower room, that last shower in an arena somewhere and I’m gonna look myself in the mirror and ask myself did you give every ounce of your being to be the best fighter you could be, and I pray to god I can answer truthfully and without regret.”

Watch Michael Chandler take on Goiti Yamauchi on Bellator 192, Saturday 9pm EST on the Paramount Network.

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