Chandler Remains Confident That McGregor Will Fight Him

Michael Chandler is still confident that Conor McGregor will face him in the Octagon. 

Despite the Irishman’s legal controversy, a recent accusation of sexual assault in Miami during an intense NBA Finals game, Chandler is convinced that the MMA star wants the fight. 

Speaking on Daniel Cormier’s YouTube channel, Chandler expressed his belief that McGregor will not tarnish his legacy by abandoning the path they’ve set together. 

“I think Conor’s coming back. I don’t think he wants to stain his legacy by leading us all down this road of, ‘I’m doing the Ultimate Fighter, I’m fighting Michael Chandler – Oh, by the way, never mind. I’m not coming back,” Chandler

However, McGregor must navigate another hurdle before stepping into the cage: rejoining the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) drug testing pool.

As per regulations, McGregor must undergo a six-month testing period unless an exception is granted by the UFC.

Discussions are ongoing, and Chandler remains optimistic that a deal will be reached soon, clearing the path for an unforgettable clash.

“Supposedly there was a countdown with USADA, six months, and all that other stuff. That’s not for me to choose or decide. Have there been exemptions before? People are talking about exemptions. Of course, that’s all on the table.

“All I know is I’m controlling the controllables, and either way, I’m gonna keep on moving forward, and I do believe I fight Conor within the next six months, and it’s going to be one of the biggest pay-per-views that we have ever seen, and I’m gonna go out there and knock him out within the first two rounds,” Chandler

With the stage set for a sensational clash between two of the most dynamic fighters in the sport, fans across America are eagerly awaiting this monumental showdown. So will it happen?

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