Chaotic Riddick Bowe-Andrew Golota Rivalry Ends With Disqualification – December 14, 1996 (This Day In Boxing History)

The violent rivalry between Riddick Bowe and Andrew Golota ended the same way their first meeting did – with a disqualification.

Twenty-five years ago today, Bowe (then 39-1) won in the second meeting against Golota (then 28-1) via his Polish opponent getting disqualified again in Atlantic City.

Their first meeting is what made the boxers’ storyline dark and wild.

The two first met on July 11, 1995. Bowe had not fought since November against Evander Holyfield in Las Vegas, which he won via TKO. Golota had the edge on Bowe, but one too many obvious low blows forced the referee to disqualify him as Bowe laid on the floor in pain.

Seconds after the fight was waved off and Bowe was declared winner by disqualification, Bowe’s corner attacked Golota and all violence ensued in an out of the ring for about 20 minutes. The lack of security sent the incident downhill fast. Golota’s trainer, Lou Duva, was carried off by a stretcher after suffering a reported heart attack during the incident.

In the second fight, there was much more security and no riot ensued after Golota was disqualified for low blows for the second time.

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