Charlo Has Moved On From Lubin

As a champion, Jermell Charlo believes only the best should face him. He also is under the impression that those who have lost to him should belong in the back of the line.

Speaking on the PBC Podcast, Charlo (33-1), the WBC Light-Middleweight Champion, discussed with Kenneth Bouhairie and Michael Rosenthal the idea of facing Erickson Lubin again. Lubin (22-1) ended up getting knocked out by a vicious right hand less than three minutes into the first round of their fight. He has since won four in a row and believes he is ready to take on the world, which includes another Charlo bout. Charlo, however, has dismissed any request by Lubin.

“I haven’t thought about no rematch with Lubin because I have moved on,” Charlo stated, via Boxing Scene. “It’s a lot of fighters in the way. Why would I even think in my mind to go backwards? I don’t wanna fight Harrison again. I don’t wanna fight Lubin again. I don’t wanna fight none of them motherf*ckers I went through. I wanna see if I can prove that I’m really the top dog. I wanna know myself.”

Charlo beat Austin Trout right after before losing the title to Tony Harrison in 2018. In a rebound fight, Charlo fought Jorge Cota before beating Harrison to get the title back in December. Since then, multiple fighters have requested to face him.

Lubin has been attempting to get Charlo’s attention even after their fight. While Lubin believes it is only a matter of time before he faces Charlo again, the “Iron Man” doesn’t see that happening. Charlo can actually see Lubin winning gold, just not his.

“Lubin will win a world title,” Charlo went on to say. “Lubin will knock out a lot of motherf*ckers if he put his mind to it. Just leave me the f–k alone. I’m different. But I see him.”

Would you want to see a rematch between Charlo and Lubin?

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