Charlo: Judges Gave Harrison First Fight

On Thursday, WBC super welterweight champion Tony Harrison and Jermell Charlo almost didn’t wait until December 21st, as they nearly came to blows at a press conference.

“Every time I see Jermell I just feel like he’s pretending,” Harrison said of the man he defeated by a controversial decision win in December of last year. He’s convinced everyone he’s the toughest guy in the world. He gets up here and barks and makes excuses. I beat you the first time and I’m here again.

“If I was scared, I wouldn’t be here right now. I didn’t take any fight in between. I haven’t fought for a year, but I wanted to be put right back in it.”

“I could beat him anywhere, it doesn’t matter. We could fight in this room right now. Nothing is going to change,” Harrison said to Charlo, who claims Harrison was ducking him due to an injury.

“December 21 is my day,” Charlo said. “December 22 was the day they made a decision to give Tony a victory. I could have fought for my belt already but you saw what I did to Cota on June 23 and you saw what I was going to get ready to do to you.”

“The judges that gave him the first fight woke me up. It’s motivating me. I’m past all the talking. I don’t need to talk trash about him.

“I have to prove a point. He has to prove a point. Let it be what it is,” Charlo continued. “I have no problem with that. All of the talking doesn’t matter. He’s going to have to live up to his word and I’m going to live up to mine.”

“I know that I won that first fight and I’m going to do things in a more dominant fashion this time. I’m going to be overpowering and ferocious. It will be the best Jermell Charlo. My plan is to show everyone that Tony Harrison is not on my level.”

“The loss taught me to be more patient. It’s serving as a great motivator,” Charlo summated. “I feel I’m the best in the division and it’s my job to show everyone why I’m a threat to everyone at 154-pounds.”

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