Charlo Promises To “Sleep” Harrison

Two days before their rematch for the WBC super middleweight title, Jermell Charlo made a promise to champion Tony Harrison.

“I’m gonna knock you the f–k out,” Charlo yelled at Harrison during their contentious final press conference in the main lobby of Toyota Arena.

Heidi Androl, FOX’s moderator, quickly followed up and asked Charlo if he feels he must knock out Harrison in their rematch due to the debatable result of their first fight.

“No, I want to knock him out,” Charlo replied to Heidi Androl’s question about him needing to knock out Harrison due to the controversial decision of their first fight in December 2018. “I’m going to knock him out.”

“I’m gonna set up the right shots,” Charlo told Androl of his strategy. “I’m gonna set up what he ain’t gonna see. And you’re gonna be interviewing him after, you know, [me] knocking him out, knockout. You gonna see.”

“He’s hoping to catch me with a shot, that’s all,” Harrison said in retort to the former world champion. “That’s all he can do, hope and pray to catch me with something. And that’s his game plan. His game plan is to hope he catch me with something.”

“You know what, man?” Harrison said. “Like, the only people he can convince of that stuff is the people on his team. He had 12 rounds, never stumbled me, never rocked me.”

“He knows that power,” Charlo said. “He knows it. Them knees was all flapped all over the ring.”

“I’m not rockin’ you this time… I’m sleepin’ yo ass.”

“This is professional boxing,” Charlo said. “This is not amateurs. We’re not here to score points. And some of the things that he did in the last fight, it didn’t satisfy the fans. And that’s why he’s not looked at like a pure champion. Even if he has the title, he doesn’t even get the recognition that he deserves because of the fact that he didn’t even come in and take it. And my job is to do what he should have done, and that’s to really come in, knock out the champion, take it from him and so I leave no doubts for you guys.”

“That’s him telling you what he think,” Harrison said of the former champion’s prediction. “He said that sh-t before the first fight. Whatever he gonna say, he gonna say. Whatever his team is gonna do, they gonna do. He’s got two nights [left] to prove it to you and prove it to me.”


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