Charlo vs. Adams Live Results

Jermall Charlo will make his first defense as the full, world WBC middleweight champion tonight when he takes on The Contender winner Brandon Adams.

The WBC promoted Charlo from interim champion earlier this week, naming Canelo Alvarez as the WBC “Franchise” champion and raising the stakes for tonight’s title fight.

Charlo is unbeaten in 28 professional bouts, holding the IBF Junior Middleweight Championship between 2015 and 2017. He won the interim WBC Middleweight Championship with a second-round knockout of Hugo Centeno Jr. in April 2018 and retained the interim title with a decision win over Matt Korobov in December.

Adams has won 21 of 23 bouts he’s had since his 2011 debut, but he’s dropped both title fights he’s fought in thus far. Last year, however, Adams was invited to join season five of The Contender, going on to defeat Shane Mosley Jr. via unanimous decision in November to win the tournament.

The card will also feature two title eliminators — Erickson Lubin and Zakaria Attou fighting for a shot at the WBC Junior Middleweight Championship, and Eduardo Ramirez and Claudio Marrero duking it out to earn a crack at the WBA Featherweight Championship.

FIGHT SPORTS brings you live coverage of Jermall Charlo vs. Brandon Adams!

WBC Middleweight Championship: (c.) Jermall Charlo def. Brandon Adams via unanimous decision (119-109, 120-108, 120-108)
WBC Junior Middleweight Title Eliminator: Erickson Lubin def. Zakaria Attou via TKO (corner stoppage) (Rd. 4, 1:19)
WBA Featherweight Title Eliminator: Claudio Marrero def. Eduardo Ramirez via unanimous decision (116-112, 115-113, 118-110)

WBC Middleweight Championship: (c.) Jermall Charlo vs. Brandon Adams

Round 1: Each man throws a jab to start. Adams circling around, showing the left jab. Charlo answers back with his own left jab. Adams steps in with a weak left straight. Adams still circling, standing near the ropes but both men staying patient. Charlo tries to come inside but there’s a clinch. Adams now tries to get inside but gets nothing. A couple of lefts by Charlo. Adams ducks a couple of punches from Charlo before moving around some more. Adams again clinches up inside. Charlo lands the uppercut. Left to the body by Adams.

Round 2: Adams remaining on the outside. Charlo throws a three-punch combination before Adams clinches up. Another clinch by Adams. Left to the body from Adams. Right hand by Charlo. Charlo goes low and clinches yet again. He’s desperately trying to avoid Charlo’s punches. Right hand that clipped Adams — that could’ve been worse for the challenger. Charlo works Adams over in the corner some before a reset in the center. Adams throws the left jab but gets caught with two lefts. Charlo has Adams up against the ropes and there’s another clinch. Charlo starting to apply the pressure here, landing another three-punch combo.

Round 3: Adams quickly finds himself back on the ropes, with Charlo pressing on him. Left hand by Charlo and he is chasing Adams down, cutting off the ring. Adams throws a jab. Charlo throws a combo that ends in a crisp left hook. Another short left hook. Adams aims for the body. Charlo lands a right hand. Jab by Adams narrowly misses. Another jabby Charlo. Right hand by Charlo. Left hand by Charlo misses. Short left hook to the body by Charlo. Adams partially blocks a combo. Adams misses a left hook and eats a left of his own. Charlo landing a couple of left hooks and an uppercut and tags him once more before the bell.

Round 4: Adams throws a one-two. Charlo lands a combination. Left uppercut by Charlo. Adams throws the left jab, and then misses a left hook. Charlo’s now the one on the outside. Each man throws a straight. Adams lands a left, Charlo answers with a short right. Adams lands a jab to the body. Adams coming forward but he’s eating short power shots. Charlo goes to the body. Right cross by Adams, and Charlo fires off a flurry in response. Charlo looking to land inside. Adams misses a left. Charlo lands a small left.

Round 5: Right hand by Adams to start. Charlo just misses a right hook. Charlo misses with the right again. Combination by Charlo. Charlo lands to the body. Left jab by Charlo. Clinch, with Adams landing to the body and Charlo landing to the head. The two clinch up again and Adams connects with an uppercut to the body. Adams gets staggered and Charlo is pounding on him in the corner! Adams ducks and clinches up. Charlo misses a one-two,  and, again, Adams works over Charlo on the inside. Adams misses with a jab. Both missed with overhands. Right uppercut by Charlo.

Round 6: Adams goes right for the body at the start of the round, but the pace then slows. Another clinch and both throw . to the body. Charlo shows the left jab and forces Adams into retreat. Charlo misses the right cross. Charlo misses a three-punch combination. Adams tries to go inside once again, and while he lands, he eats a left hook and Charlo once again is on the attack. Adams lands a jab. Left hook by Charlo. Another clinch. Right uppercut attempt by Charlo, followed by a left uppercut. One-two from Adams. Left hand upstairs by Adams. The pair are against the ropes and each lands a left. Adams lands an uppercut, Charlo responds with one of his own, followed by a cross. Big round from both men!

Round 7: Each man missing with short shots early on. Three-punch combo by Charlo. Adams answers with his own combination. Charlo lands a small combo then misses a big uppercut. Clinch. Charlo flashing the left hand. Right uppercut by Charlo. Adams lands to the body. Another combination, featuring a big right uppercut that turns Adams’ head. Charlo misses another combo. Each man hits a jab. Charlo misses a hook. Another clinch, and Charlo lands a one-two to the body. Adams comes in with a left. Jab by Adams. Right straight by Charlo. Charlo misses another hook. Charlo tags Adams with a jab. Adams lands to the body some more.

Round 8: Adams misses an overhand and Charlo immediately clinches up. Three jabs consecutively by Charlo. Three punch combo with a left hook by Charlo. Charlo flashing the jab once again. Adams reaches in and once again a clinch. Charlo lands a couple of left jabs. Both men landing to the body but another clinch. Right hand by Charlo just misses. Adams lands a right straight, Charlo lands a right uppercut. Adams just misses an uppercut. Charlo lands several left hands. Adams backs Charlo up to the corner and lands an overhand right, just missing with a second. Charlo misses a right.

Round 9: Charlo throws a few lefts. Charlo with two jabs. Right uppercut by Charlo, Adams with an uppercut of his own. Charlo throws a one-two but Adams gets out of the way. Charlo comes forward with the jab. Charlo traps Adams against the ropes again, but Adams does a good job of avoiding most of Charlo’s power. Left hook by Charlo. Adams with a straight. Adams with a left, followed by a right. Adams lands to the body. Charlo lands a left inside. Charlo misses a right. Adams lands a close left. Charlo lands a right, catching Adams going inside.

Round 10: Adams throws a short shot but Charlo lands a one-two. Charlo blocks a punch. Charlo lands to the body. Weak three-punch combo by Charlo. Both missing with jabs but Charlo lands a countershot to make Adams pay for his miss. Adams lands on the inside and clinches with Charlo against the ropes once more. Right uppercut and a left hook by Charlo, stumbling Adams! Charlo coming on the attack, but Adams showing great defense by stepping out of range and ducking. Each man lands to the body. Three-punch combo by Charlo.

Round 11: Adams lands a weak left straight. Three-punch combination by Charlo. Adams blocks a left hook and once again lunges forward to attack. Adams misses and then ducks from a Charlo combination. Jab by Charlo. Charlo misses an uppercut. Left hand tags Charlo. Charlo lands an uppercut. Jab by Charlo, followed by a one-two. Adams avoids a right uppercut. Charlo lands an uppercut. Another clinch, with each missing a short power punch. Charlo tags Adams close in, but Adams backs up. Charlo lands a jab that breaks through. Adams lands a couple of shots. Charlo answers! Good trading as the fight enters the final round!

Round 12: Adams lands a straight early. Charlo works the left jab but misses a right uppercut. Left hook by Adams. Combination by Charlo. Two jabs from Charlo, which Adams answers with a left upstairs and a body shot. Uppercut by Charlo. One-two by Charlo. Adams lands a three-punch combo. One-two jab attack by Charlo. Charlo throwing several straight but Adams keeping his distance. Charlo comes in and traps Adams in the corner and fires a flurry, but once more Adams gets away. Adams misses an uppercut.

Official Decision: Jermall Charlo def. Brandon Adams via unanimous decision (119-109, 120-108, 120-108)

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