Charr-Oquendo Cancelled Again

A fight that at one point was the center of a legal battle has been cancelled for a third time, as WBA “regular” world heavyweight champion Manuel Charr and Fres Oquendo called off their fight.

The fight was scheduled for a third time for April 6th in Munich, Germany, but according to Patrick English, attorney for Global Sports Management, who promotes Charr, the fight was cancelled when Oquendo failed to sign a contract by the February 15th deadline.

Oquendo’s co-promoter, John Wirt, told ESPN that the money for the fight was place in an American escrow account and that the terms for a fight had been agreed to, but for the third time a fight between the two has been halted.

In September of 2018, the two were set to fight in Cologne, Germany, but would also be cancelled when Charr tested positive for the anabolic steroids epitrenbolone and drostanolone, by VADA. The WBA would suspend Charr, but would retain his title amid an investigation.

Charr would have his B sample tested by the drug testing body, which would also come through as a positive. Charr would skirt a ban on January 21st, after Charr contested the sample due to the governing body ignoring his right to have a representative on hand for the testing of the B sample.

“Because of the lapse of time since the taking of the A and B samples, and the communication issues alleged by Charr, the suspension is recalled,” the WBA wrote in the January resolution ordering the two to fight within 60 days.

The fight was rescheduled for March 23, but then April 6th, and now not at all.

Charr would take the secondary world title in November 2017, and has not fought in the two years since.

Oqeundo last fought for the then vacant version of the title against Ruslan Chagaev in July 2014, then suing the WBA and Chagaev’s promoters in 2015 over a legally obligated rematch.

Now, the WBA feels its legal obligation has been fulfilled after the 45-year old Oquendo would miss the contract deadline, which would set up Charr to fight interim champion Trevor Bryan later this year.


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