Chavez: If Not Canelo, I Want GGG

Before Canelo Alvarez can get to his highly-anticipated bout with Gennady Golovkin in the fall, he is looking at another big fight. He is in talks with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. for a Cinco de Mayo showdown between two Mexican stars, but as of now the fight is far from done.

The elder Chavez, one of the most famous Mexican boxers of all time, said that he is unhappy with the amount of money that Golden Boy Promotions is offering his son for the fight.

“We are waiting for them to offer a reasonable sum, because the sum they are presenting right now does not suit us,” Chavez Sr told Boxing Scene. “If they continue like this, there will be no fight, but if they submit a reasonable sum then the fight will be done. The negotiations are going well.

“We are aware that right now it’s Canelo time, but at the moment this fight presents a unique combination in boxing. Canelo needs Julio, and Julio needs Canelo. It’s a difficult, hard fight, and besides knowing which of them is the best – the fight can break a lot of records.”

Chavez Sr. Offered specific numbers as far as how much of the event’s profits they believe they deserve. Given that a fight between Chavez and Canelo would do huge business due to the Mexican fanbase they both bring, he believes that their requests are reasonable.

“We want 30 to 35 percent of everything, and what they are offering…Julio has already earned that kind of money they are offering when he faced other fighters. To present the amount they are offering – it’s like saying they do not want the fight.”

Chavez Jr made his comeback in December, beating Dominik Britsch by unanimous decision in Monterrey, Mexico.

One of the hurdles in negotiations between the two sides is the weight that the fight would be contested at: Canelo is in the process of making a move up to the full middleweight limit of 160 pounds, but Chavez Jr has not fought below 168 in recent years. A catchweight would have to be installed — drawing the ire of many fans who question why Canelo would take a fight with Chavez when his team has said GGG at 160 is too big for him.

If Chavez cannot get the Canelo fight, he is still aiming big: His second choice would be Golovkin, but he doesn’t believe GGG would be willing to move up to fight him.

“There would also be the possibility of Golovkin, but Golovkin also does not want to go up to 168. Golovkin is just like Canelo. Look, he wanted Canelo to come up to 160, maybe because Canelo is smaller, and he didn’t want to go up to 168 when I challenged him.”

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