Chavez Sr. Backs Canelo Despite Benavidez ‘Ducking’ Claims

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. praised Canelo Alvarez despite criticism of his potential next opponent. 

Boxing fans want to see Alvarez fight David Benavidez, the WBC Super Middleweight Interim Champion. Canelo announced he was facing an American in his next fight after beating Jermell Charlo. Jermall Charlo, Terence Crawford and Benavidez were touted as possible opponents.

Charlo, however, made a U-turn after initially saying he was fighting Alvarez. Canelo also dismissed Crawford, claiming he would get no credit for a win. That left Benavidez as the only other big name. The WBC is expected to order the mandatory in March, leaving Canelo with a decision to make. But Chavez Sr. stopped short of criticizing Canelo’s career. 

“Whoever it is going to be is a good opponent for Saul. Well, I don’t know if he’s running from Benavidez. He doesn’t run from any fighter. They’re just stages. Sooner or later, they’re going to fight with Benavidez, and it’s a fight that everybody wants to see. But it’s not up to me. It’s up to Saul. What Canelo has done is incredible. 

“The truth is, I can’t speak badly of Canelo because he’s been very respectful towards me. He’s earned everything he’s gotten fairly. He has the right to fight whoever he wants. In other words, it’s up to the organizations to decide to adjust it if they want if there’s an official challenger as they are required to, but everything depends on him,” Chavez said

Edgar Berlanga has also put himself forward. The American fights Padraig McCrory this weekend. But the short turnaround time between now and Cinco de Mayo Weekend makes that fight unlikely, even if Berlanga puts on a big performance. But the undefeated super middleweight is planning to fight Alvarez this year. 

“I got to really perform my a** off in this fight. I’ve got to make a statement. I’ve got to do my thing in this fight and really look phenomenal, and I feel that right there should be an opener for a fight with Canelo in 2024. I know he [Canelo] has all the titles, but I’m young.

“One thing I have is an Island behind me. I got Puerto Rico. So, I think it’s based on how I look in my next fight [against 35-year-old Padraig McCrory]. I’m looking forward to dominating this dude, beating him up, and doing my thing, and eventually, that’ll open up doors for us in 2024 against Canelo Alvarez,” Berlanga stated 


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