CHECK OUT: What Does Sean O’Malley Have To Say To His Critics?

Sean O’Malley has responded to his critics.

O’Malley is coming off a TKO loss to Marlon Vera at UFC 252 on August 15. The “Sugar” show injured his leg and Vera capitalized with ground-and-pound for the finish. After the fight, O’Malley said he’s still destined for greatness while Vera is likely to remain a journeyman. The comment didn’t sit well with some fans who have criticized him.

On his YouTube channel, O’Malley addressed the criticism he has been receiving (via

“Did he win? Yes. Am I undefeated? Yes. Mentally, I’m undefeated. I felt superior in there until my foot gave out.

“I probably sound stupid. That’s OK because look at me. I’m a little not that smart, eh, but I am that smart because you’re watching this video. And guess what, I get paid to make videos. So you guys commenting, hating, you’re getting me paid, so thank you.”

Vera has said that it was his calf kicks that caused the damage to O’Malley. In a counter, O’Malley said he feels Vera got lucky because he sprained his ankle several times during the fight. He believes he would’ve showcased his dominance had the injury not occurred.

O’Malley had been undefeated before running into Vera. “Sugar” was coming off a highlight-reel one-punch knockout victory over Eddie Wineland. He was hoping to keep the momentum going but he’ll have to wait a bit longer to get back on the horse.

O’Malley had made his debut on the top 15 UFC bantamweight rankings but he lost his spot after Vera was able to put him away. O’Malley mocked those who are telling him to take his loss like a man. He insists that he was getting warmed up by the time he suffered the injury.

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