Chiesa Has One Demand For New Contract

Unlike negotiations between the UFC and Cris Cyborg, Michael Chiesa’s contract talks seem fairly positive.

While the newly minted welterweight has not put pen to paper yet, Chiesa revealed talks are close, but there is one thing he must have in his next contract… a ranked opponent.

“Definitely looking to fight in December,” Chiesa said at UFC 240. “I want to give myself a little break. I put a lot of work in these camps, so December fits in my timeline real well. We’re going to do a new deal, which I’m excited about, and part of that deal is I want my next fight to be against a ranked opponent. I’m very adamant about that. When I left lightweight I was ranked 10th or 11th in the UFC rankings, so I think I deserve a ranked opponent, and I know the UFC, they’ll deliver. So I’m just sitting in limbo”

“I kept myself training after my last fight,” Chiesa said in-reference to his UFC 239 win over Diego Sanchez. “My coach was finally like, ‘Dude, go to Edmonton, pump the breaks, you need to chill out. You’re going to fight before the end of the year. We need you healthy.’”

“I still have to cut 12 pounds to make 170,” Chiesa added.

“It’s not like I’m waltzing in there at 170. I still have to cut weight. This is the fight (Sanchez) where I felt like a true welterweight. The Condit fight, I was dealing with a lot of nerves, two losses in a row, first fight at a new weight class, kind of a lot of different things going into it where, after that fight, I let it sink in and kinda soaked in how I was feeling.”

Report: MMAJunkie

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