Chris Colbert Faces Upset Defeat From Hector Garcia

Everything was going Chris Colbert’s way until his recent loss against Hector Luis Garcia. His boxing journey was going smooth with a splendid unbeaten 16-0 record.

The 25-year-old was all set to achieve big things as he was scheduled to fight for the WBA lightweight title in Las Vegas, this Saturday. However, things turned out to be different for him as his opponent, Roger Gutierrez contracted the coronavirus.

This gave Garcia a chance, who was a relatively unknown name before the fight. The fight between both stars was scheduled as a 12-round title eliminator.

The “PrimeTime” was quick in the first round. However, the momentum was shifted towards Garcia in the second as he fought aggressively.

The third round was quite tough as both the boxers came out hard. The battle became more interesting and closer as they reached the fourth round.

The Dominican Republic native fought with an effective strategy and applied pressure on the opponent, showing that he was not a pushover.

By the fifth and sixth rounds, Garcia was able to corner the American boxer by his aggressive style. After reaching the seventh and eighth rounds it was evident that Colbert was trying to just survive.

Though Colbert tried to gather his energy back in the ninth round but eventually, he was cornered by his opponent.

By the time they reached tenth, Colbert was just holding on and doing nothing in return for Garcia’s aggression.

Colbert came out strongly in the twelfth but could not hold onto Garcia’s punches for long. The judges awarded a unanimous decision win in favor of Garcia to declare a big upset.

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