Chris Eubank Jr, Liam Smith Press Conference Gets Personal With Controversial Taunts

They meet in the UK on January 21.

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith are not fond of each other at all. 

They made that even more evident at Thursday’s press conference where they began taking personal digs at each other.  

“You slid into my DMs,” Eubank Jr said at the presser to Smith.  

“You sent me a direct message. I’m used to seeing girls in my DMs, I’m not used to seeing guys I’m about to fight.” 

“You’re going on about girls, mate. Has anyone in this room ever seen you with a girl?” Smith shot back.  

During Friday’s weigh-in, Eubank Jr wore a rainbow armband. 

“I used to think Tony Bellew was the biggest a–hole to come out of Liverpool,” Eubank Jr responded at the press conference. “But I think at this stage, now, Liam has definitely taken that No. 1 spot. It’s impressive.” 

The promoters tried to bring back their discussion to Saturday’s middleweight bout, but both Eubank Jr and Smith would continue to go on a tangent. 

Eventually, after more verbal barbs, Eubank Jr said there’s nothing else to be said. 

“There’s no lines anymore,” Eubank Jr said.  

“We’re here now, let’s do this. Lines have been thrown out now…I’ve always wanted to win this fight by knockout. The fact that Liam is being a child up here is, yeah, gives me a little bit extra incentive to go out there and embarrass him. But the goal is always to go out there and stop my opponent.” 

Eubank Jr and Smith later apologized for their comments at the press conference, which Eubank Jr said “escalated quickly” into “personal” attacks. 

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