Chris Weidman’s Comeback Advice For Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman both broke their leg in competition in 2021, but only the latter has returned to the UFC since the injury.

Weidman, a former UFC middleweight champion, made his second appearance with the organization since his lengthy layoff this past weekend in Atlantic City, with a technical decision win over Bruno Silva. Meanwhile, McGregor is unofficially planned to return to action this summer.

In a recent interview with, Weidman shared his advice for the Irishman’s comeback, and a particular area for him to focus on after recovering from a similar level of trauma to the leg.

“I know he watched my fight,” Weidman said of McGregor. “I think he probably learned a lot watching my fight. Some of the red flags of what to be prepared for, for whoever he fights, and also maybe you’re not going to be able to throw [the kicks] back as much as you want. Or now, be prepared that could be something you have to deal with, so really train on kicking back.

“Because you want that to be second nature when you’re in there. For me, I thought I was good with that, but I wasn’t. I would have really worked at it more and realize there is a psychological effect when you break your leg in half like that. So you need to really get that habit back strong and focus on that. I don’t really think I need to say much. He should just watch my last fight and learn from that.”

The key point of Weidman’s statement clearly comes in his reference to the ‘psychological effect’ associated with such a devastating leg injury. While it is clear that McGregor has been rehabbing his body for his planned bout with Michael Chandler, what is not known is if he is preparing his mind just as well.

Both McGregor and Chandler recently announced via social media that they would be meeting this summer for their long awaited match. Last year, the pair coached opposite one another on The Ultimate Fighter season 31, and since then fans have been dying to see them meet in the Octagon.


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