Chuck Liddell Accused Of ‘Increasing Violence’ Against Ex-Wife

Chuck Liddell’s former wife Heidi Northcutt continues to make troubling allegations about the former fighter.

Liddell and Northcutt have been tied in a custody battle for some time now after he filed for divorce last year following his arrest from his home for alleged domestic battery of his wife. In October 2021, domestic violence charges against Liddell were dropped after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said there was not enough evidence.

An LAPD report had stated that a verbal dispute between the pair had turned physical while they were staying at their home in Los Angeles.

Liddell had claimed that he willingly offered to go to jail in place of his partner. The fighter was later released and no charges were filed against him either since no significant injuries had been sustained to either party.

Now during the proceedings of their custodial case, Northcutt has suggested that the breakdown of their marriage derived from the former UFC champion’s deteriorating mental health.

“Ms Liddell also stated that Mr Liddell has had a lot of paranoia and accused her of a lot of things. He also became very worried that she was going to leave him after he lost his job in 2017,” the former wife’s lawyer told the judges.

“Ms Liddell also claimed that Mr Liddell has become increasingly violent. She stated that this last thing that happened was not typical, and she was concerned that he had experienced traumatic brain injury.”

Northcutt also claimed that the 52-year-old had knocked out friends and others in his pursuit of “street drugs.”

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