Ciryl Gane Has Never Seen Someone ‘As Powerful’ As Francis Ngannou

Ciryl Gane thinks highly of Francis Ngannou.

Gane hailed Ngannou as the most athletic and robust guy he has ever seen, he said in an interview with La Super Clips, a French MMA News Outlet.

“Till today, I’ve never seen anyone as powerful, as athletic, with such knockout power, I’ve never seen it. In terms of strength, he might be the most impressive guy in UFC’s history,” Gane said.

Gane is aware of Ngannou’s strength, as the two used to train and spar together at MMA Factory in France until Ngannou left due to a conflict with the management and relocated to the United States.

Ngannou is training in Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture.

Ngannou went to the UFC Performance Institute in 2017 and achieved the world record for the most brutal punch ever thrown. Ngannou broke Tyrone Spong’s previous record with a punch of 129,161 units. His speed was recorded at 51,064-foot/pounds per second, equivalent to a small car’s horsepower.

Ngannou won 12 of his 16 fights by knockout, with eight occurring in the first round.

Gane has only four knockout victories in his career, one of which came in the first round.

“You know, we’re coming into this fight with our strengths. We’re not here to try and counter his strengths. We don’t want to try and be stronger than him,” Gane added.

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