Ciryl Gane Reveals His Paycheck, Says ‘For Me, It’s Not A Secret’

Ciryl Gane talked about his paycheck after UFC 265 in an interview with French Tv-Station BFMTV, and revealed how much he actually got.

Gane won the interim title in Houston, Texas, the hometown of Derrick Lewis, his opponent. Despite winning the title and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, it didn’t seem to add up compared to Lewis’ paycheck.

“I got $350k, minus 30% taxes which leave you with $240k, around $200k, and your team take 20%, I got about $160k in total,” Gane said.

Meanwhile, Lewis made around $700K, even when he lost. Gane showed some serious dominations against his opponent, and Lewis made far more money.

But UFC salaries are not the same. It is individual; for example, even debutants are making a different kind of money in their debut.

Jake Paul continues claiming to the UFC that they are rubbering fighters.

When Gane disclosed his paycheck, some fighters took it as he was unhappy with his pay. But Gane said it wasn’t about that.

“For me, it’s not a secret,” he said. “The people want to know how much I had for the bonus, everybody can know that. So for me, it’s not a secret. I’m not like French people [who say] I don’t want to talk about my money. That’s OK. I can talk about that.

“But I saw in the media a lot of people put this [in] the headline because the people think I’m not happy about that. No, I’m OK with that. You have a tax like with every job.”

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