City Kickboxing Head Coach Provides Update On Alexander Volkanovski

As of late, how willing Alexander Volkanovski is to prove his championship mindset has become a concern to many, but luckily he surrounds himself with a highly intelligent coaching staff.

Back in October, Alexander “The Great” took an extremely short notice opportunity to move up in weight and take on 155-pound titleholder Islam Makhachev. The bout resulted in Volkanovski getting knocked out in the first round by a devastating head kick, and the question in the minds of many was ‘if he had a full training camp, would the result have been different?’.

Volkanovski followed up his first ever knockout loss by failing to defend his featherweight title just four months later versus newly crowned champion Ilia Topuria earlier this month at UFC 298. From this bout, a new question came up, ‘is he giving himself a healthy amount of time to rest in between camps?’.

City Kickboxing head coach Eugene Bareman recently caught up with Combat TV and gave a positive update on his health and mindset. Additionally, he explained that the former champion needs to ‘rest’ and ‘be sensible’.

“In terms of like, his symptoms, he doesn’t have any symptoms, which was not the case in the last knockout,” Bareman told Combat TV. “There’s so many variables when it comes to having a knockout and how many symptoms you suffer and all of that. I don’t know the science behind it, and I’m not going to begin to try to understand it.

“But he seems to not be as affected by this concussion as he was by the last one. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why. He definitely needs to rest. He needs to rest his head. He needs to be sensible, but he also will be very keen to get that rematch this year.”

While Volkanovski will surely take the proper time to recover from just his second ever knockout loss, it is not expected that he will be out for too long. The Australian has already said that he certainly accept if he gets offered the immediate rematch to face Topuria.

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