Civil Lawsuit Against Conor McGregor Has Been Terminated

The recent civil lawsuit that was filed against Conor McGregor surrounding assault accusations, that allegedly occurred during his 34th birthday party, has been dropped.

The accuser had claimed that McGregor attacked her on his yacht in Ibiza during his birthday celebrations. This resulted in her feeling the need to escape, breaking her arm in the process.

Additionally, the woman said that McGregor punched her in the stomach and chin, then threatening to drown her. The report said that she jumped into the water to escape and was rescued by a Red Cross boat.

The accusations against McGregor were at first delayed, as the woman claims she was in a state of shock in the hours following the alleged attack. McGregor went on to deny that the events occurred.

It has now been confirmed that a notice of discontinuance on the situation has been filed.

“In relation to the High Court case in Dublin, her legal team have submitted a motion of discontinuance and they will request for the case to be struck out. She has been at the centre of a storm and there has been a lot of stress. Her legal team are now looking at closing the case in Spain and bringing that to an end as well.”

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