Civil Lawsuit Filed Pertaining To Cain Velasquez Case

The ongoing case involving Cain Velasquez and alleged molester Harry Goularte has new details surrounding Goularte via a civil complaint.

The complaint became official in California’s Santa Clara County and was recently reported by MMA Junkie. The allegations didn’t include just Goularte, but also his mother and people associated with the childcare business.

The document includes the number of times the victim was sexually abused. It also blamed the entire staff of Goularte for bringing him in this situation.

“Despite the warnings, observations, and signs of inappropriate behavior and conduct, Harry, at all times, remained permitted to reside on the property of Patty’s Childcare.”

On the other hand, MMA Junkie received an email from Attorney Warren Paboojian, who is related to the plaintiff in the civil complaint.

“The defendant should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” Paboojian stated.

“His terrible acts of abusing (my) client should (receive) the harshest criminal punishment available by law. The daycare facility should never operate again, And the owner should be held accountable both civilly and criminally for her neglect. This daycare has a history of neglect when it comes to following state laws pertaining to child safety and care.”

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