Claressa Shields Challenges Jake Paul To A Boxing Match – ‘I Would Win’

Claressa Shields is keen on facing Jake Paul in a boxing match. 

Her comments arrived just as Paul completed a unanimous-decision win over Nate Diaz on August 5th, 2023.

Although Paul managed to knock down Diaz in the fifth round, he was not able to get the MMA star out of the ring, as Nate made it to the final bell.

That did not go down well with Shields, as she questioned Paul’s skills. And in the process of doing so, she let on that she would be open to facing him. 

“I would really fight Jake Paul in a fight honestly. I would win, and he knows that. He knows that. Jake Paul listen, Nate Diaz is not a real boxer. 

“I mean he just knocked Nate Diaz down he didn’t beat the mess out of Nate Diaz. Honestly like, he had a real fight against Tommy Fury [and lost].

“Jake Paul, he lands punches on guys with really bad defense and he wouldn’t be able to do that with me. I’m sorry, I have too much experience for him,” Shields

This is not the first time that Shields has called out a male boxer. The undisputed middleweight champion did the same by mentioning Keith Thurman’s name.

The latter surprisingly agreed, provided that it was done for charity. However, his comments also suggested that he was not entirely enthusiastic about it all since he promised to use his ‘jab only.’

With that being said, the reaction to Shields’ comments suggested that she would not be a favorite going into this potential bout.

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