Claressa Shields Says She Can Out-Jab, Hook, Upper-Cut and Embarrass Jake Paul

Claressa Shields doesn’t think anyone should underestimate her skills, especially compared to Jake Paul.

Shields (11-0 boxing, 1-0 MMA) spoke at a press conference on Monday ahead of her Wednesday fight against Abigail Montes on the undercard of the PFL Championship. She said she wasn’t underestimating her opponent, Montes, but spoke differently when she was asked about YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul.

“I am 1-0 in MMA,” she said of Montes.

“I’m not 12-0. She has experience (Montes is 2-0). She has a kickboxing background. I watched her fight and she takes girls down. She’s a ground and pound girl. She throws kicks. She throws punches and combinations and stuff. I have to be very alert for this fight…I’m not taking her lightly and I don’t think she is taking me lightly.”

While Shields is revving up for her MMA fight tonight, she will also be preparing for her December 11 boxing match in the U.K.

To her, Paul doesn’t even stand on the same boxing level as her.

“Jake Paul? Please. Look, there are a lot of women in boxing that can beat up men, especially an average Joe like Jake Paul,” she said.

“If I was to spar Jake, which is all I would get because a real fight would be too embarrassing, right? But if we were to spar, I would use one hand — not even the banger, I’d use my jab and I could out-jab and hook and uppercut him and embarrass him. That’s how skilled I am. It’s not a shot at Jake, but he’s not as good a boxer as me.”

The boxing/MMA sensation was just seen back in action on the PFL card, which started at 4 p.m. ET (prelims).

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