Coker Has The Monsoon on His Wish List

Bellator CEO, Scott Coker now has his sights set on the potential signing of No.7 ranked UFC welterweight Lorenz Larkin (18-5-1), who he worked with during his time as Strikeforce CEO.  Earlier this month Larkin became free to field offers outside of the UFC and there is no doubt he has to be on the radar of all of the major mma promotions who have the potential to pay him what he is worth.

If Larkin does sign with Bellator he would be the latest in a string of former UFC top contenders to leave for greener pastures.  Benson Henderson and Rory McDonald are just some of the bigger names to leave the UFC for Bellator.  MMA PLUS sat down with Coker as part of an exclusive two part interview and the Bellator had this to say about the potential signing of  free agent Lorenz Larkin.

“I think our guys are talking to him but I think we are a little bit apart on the money and thats the hold up of why Lorenz hasn’t signed with us yet. I think its just a financial thing at the moment, but I’m going to look into it a bit more and see if I can help negotiations along, but I would love to him here. I think his fighting style would be fantastic in Bellator and I think he could kick box as well as compete in MMA, I think he has the style to do both.”

“I’ve been following him while he has been fighting in the UFC and I’ve been very impressed so hopefully we’ll be able to come to a deal and he’ll come and fight over here at Bellator.”

Sounds like they are somewhat close to signing him, who knows how apart they are numbers wise but if the UFC doesn’t blow Larkin away with a lucrative contract fight fans could be looking at a potential "Monsoon" vs. "MVP" blockbuster bout in 2017.

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