Colby Covington Claims Jorge Masvidal Withdrew From Leon Edwards Fight Due To Fractured Ribs

Jorge Masvidal pulled out from the December fight due to an undisclosed injury, but Colby Covington insists that his “insiders” at the American Top Team (ATT) have told him what exactly happened with him.

Covington and Masvidal used to be close until the Chaos was removed from the ATT for, as the Street Judas put it, not paying the membership fee.

Taking a dig at his former roommate and welterweight colleague, Covington claimed that Masvidal fractured his ribs while preparing for his fight against Leon Edwards.

The bout was scheduled for December 11 at UFC 269. It was canceled after the BMF titleholder pulled out due to an undisclosed injury.

“I’ll tell you the truth of what happened with Jorge Masvidal for real,” Covington told Submission Radio.
“I still have people at his gym that still love me, and I’m the people’s champ for a reason. So, I get the insider scoop on everything.”

“So, that fragile dude, ‘Street Judas’ Jorge Masvidal, he broke his ribs. He fractured his ribs last Saturday in training, and yeah, he’s fragile and he had to pull out of the fight. It’s too bad that people still love me over at his gym more than they even love him.”

Covington added that Masvidal did not want media to know that he cracked his ribs during sparring.
“…He didn’t want people to know, but now they know,” Covington said.

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