Colby Covington Plans To Pursue Political Career Post-UFC

UFC’s Colby Covington wants to enter into US politics following his UFC career. 

The welterweight is coming off a loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 296, his third defeat in a world title fight. Covington’s last win was against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, and he has not won consecutive UFC fights since 2019. At the age of 35, Covington faces question marks over his career. He blamed his loss on inactivity before backtracking to say he injured his foot in the first round. Looking ahead, Covington hoped to follow Donald Trump into politics after expressing his admiration for the ex-US President. 

“I do believe I’m the Donald Trump of the UFC. He’s my biggest role model, he’s my mentor, and he’s someone that I really look up to, so I try and model my career after a lot of things that he’s done. I definitely would like to run for Congress in a few years, I think I’d be the perfect fighter. I’m not a guy that’s going to sell out to the establishment. I’m a self-made man from nothing,” Covington

The calls on Covington to retire have become more vocal, especially since his pre-fight antics towards Edwards. He brought up the welterweight champion’s late father, who had been murdered, as Edwards responded by throwing a water bottle in return during the pre-fight presser. Covington also expressed his vocal support for Trump. He wanted the former President to walk him out for his fight, but the request was refused. He has no plans on retiring anytime soon, but he did have an eye on running for a governor position.

“I haven’t thought about it [retirement] because I’m still a 100 percent in the UFC. I feel like when you start putting that one foot out and start thinking about what’s next, then you should probably retire. I do want to get into politics one day because I want to fight for what I believe in. I want to get into Congress, maybe Senate, maybe something like that. Maybe be the Governor of Florida, that would be my ultimate dream to be the governor of this state,” Covington 


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