Colby Covington Thinks Kamaru Usman Will Retire After UFC 261

Colby Covington is convinced that Kamaru Usman will hang up his gloves after UFC 261.

Usman will put his welterweight gold on the line against Jorge Masvidal this Saturday night, April 24. Usman already has a unanimous decision victory over “Gamebred.” Some feel this will be Masvidal’s last opportunity at a major world title.

Covington, who had an instant classic with Usman back in late 2019, told Helen Yee that he feels Usman would rather retire than fight him again (h/t

“I see myself finishing Usman if we fight again but to be honest, I think he’s gonna retire. I think after this weekend he retires. He knows what’s ahead of him now, he knows I’m the next up for him and he knows he can’t beat me. He’s been in there with me, he knows how tough I am. He’s been in there with Jorge and he knows how easy he is so that’s why he’s taking this easy paycheck again when Jorge hasn’t done anything to earn this fight.

“He lost 50-43 and then he sat on the sideline ducking me and then all of a sudden he gets to fight for a title again? Something’s not adding up. I just honestly think that Usman and Masvidal are gonna retire before ever having to fight me because they know what’s gonna happen. The embarrassment that goes, the public embarrassment. They don’t want to get embarrassed in front of the whole world and that’s what I would do to them.”

Usman has said that he isn’t ruling out “walking away” at the conclusion of UFC 261. Usman cited a lack of fresh competition as a reason for potentially retiring.

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