Colby: Poirier And Masvidal Are Losers/Liars

Colby Covington is cribbing from the Donald Trump playbook again, blasting his two American Top Team teammates, Jorge Masvidal, and Dustin Poirier.

Covington earlier this week came after Masvidal for stepping in to take the main event of UFC 244 against Nate Diaz, calling the Miami native a “pawn” for accepting the UFC’s offer.

The animosity became evident when Masvidal tweeted to Diaz and the UFC late last week saying they’d take the fight amid rumors that Covington and UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman were unable to strike an agreement.

“That tweet came from Jorge trying to get in the way of my money and I take that money very serious,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “That’s food on the table for my mom, my dad, the life they never had, my family. I come from a very broke background and now he’s trying to mess with my money and my business so now you’re a competitor.

“Now you’re in my sights. That’s been a long time coming. People think we’ve been friends recently but that friendship ended a long time ago.”

Per the former interim champion, Masvidal harbored a grudge towards Covington for being able to defeat Demian Maia in 2018 when he was unable to beat him in UFC 211.

“When he got beat up by Demian Maia and then I had to come up and clean up the scraps and completely decimate Demian Maia in his hometown of Sao Paulo, that’s when the relationship ended,” Covington explained. “Jorge got jealous. He got bitter. He wanted something that he couldn’t have, which was beating Demian Maia and be in position to fight for the title.

“Then as soon as I won the belt, that’s when he completely turned on me and he started talking s—t to me at the gym, at fights he’s saying stuff to me. I’m like dude stop. You’re a light round. You want to see how me and Jorge goes? Go look on YouTube. I wasn’t even trying hard. I know the haters don’t know how to turn on a girl but they should learn to turn on YouTube.”

“He’s up in his feelings,” Covington continued about Masvidal. “I’m the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Jorge is the ultimate feelings champion. He’s all up in his feelings. He’s jealous that I’m making more money, banging hotter chicks and if he wants to come say something to Colby “Choas” Covington, he’s going to get slapped upside his mouth.

“It’s a real possibility that he’s my next fight. If Usman keeps playing games and hardball with the UFC, they might just strip him and it could be me versus Jorge. I’m not afraid to go down that path and have to fight him. It’s a rather easy fight but if we’ve got to fight, we’ve got to fight. We might be fighting before that. We both train at American Top Team under Dan Lambert so you never know what’s going to happen.”

Fellow ATT member Poirier, called out Covington following UFC 242, letting the controversial fighter know that it will be “on-sight” if the two are in the same room.

“That’s the only reason Dustin is all mad at me and calling me a sellout because I picked against him in the fight,” Covington said. “But how does that make me a sellout? If anything I bought in and he tapped out. I’m giving the people America’s pick of the week. I don’t want to let the people down. That’s why I’m the people’s champion because I bless people and make their bank accounts great again. So if he’s mad about my opinion, I’m sorry, you could have proved me wrong. You can prove my opinion wrong.

“I proved his opinion wrong. Dustin picked against me, he’s best friends with Robbie Lawler and he picked Robbie and he wanted Robbie to beat me. Did I get mad? Did I make excuses? No, I went out there and proved him wrong and beat Robbie Lawler’s ass every single round and set a UFC strikes record. He could have done the same but no, he wants to make excuses ‘Colby picked against me, he’s a sellout’.”

“I was willing to offer up my services to help him train to give him that pressure look, that pressure wrestling style and he didn’t want to take it,” Covington said of Poirier’s preparations for his eventual loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov. “He wanted to act like he was better than everyone in the gym. That’s why I’ve never respected Dustin anyways. All these people that act like they are such nice and good people on camera, they are the complete opposite when the camera’s not on. They’re fake, how do they treat others that can’t do anything for them.

“I see how he treats people who can’t do anything for him. He treats them like s—t. He acts like he’s better than them. He’s an egomaniac and it’s pathetic. He’s a bully to all these other guys but he can’t bully me and he knows that. He knows I’ll kick his ass.”

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