Commentator Colonel Bob Sheridan injured in robbery attempt

Hall of Fame boxing broadcaster Colonel Bob Sheridan was a victim of attempted robbery, suffering several while traveling in his new 2021 Corvette through the city of Victorville, California. “There were eight guys on motorbikes. They saw my car. I knew what they were looking at. “They are true criminals. They tried to box me in and I knew I had to save my life.

They were chasing me speeding up from 40 mph to 70mph. I did a power spin to the right and hit them. There was a death involved and the police came to investigate. The cops never told me how many of those guys were down.

“I was taken home by an airforce colonel. I was pretty beat up because I was hit by one of the motorcycles. I was knocked out for about three and a half hours,” said Sheridan. He has been hospitalized twice having surgery on his stomach and another surgery scheduled for the end of the month.

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