Congress Reacts To Dana White’s Power Slap League – ‘Exposes Participants To Brain Trauma’

Two public officials from the United States Congress have expressed their opinion about Power Slap and are requesting answers from Warner Brothers and TBS concerning its broadcasting.

On February 16th, 2023, Bill Pascrell Jr. from New Jersey’s 9th district and Don Bacon from Nebraska’s 2nd district sent a letter to the CEO of Warner Brothers, David Zaslav, with a copy to Endeavor’s CEO, Ari Emanuel.

A two-page document characterized UFC President Dana White’s new venture as a crude scheme, disregarding the long-term well-being of the participants.

The letter also pointed out that Power Slap combatants might suffer from traumatic brain injuries, and other types of mental deterioration as follows: 

“The governing bodies of (other) sports have made strides in recent years to preserve the history and tradition of physical activity while seeking to understand the causes of CTE and implement appropriate safety precautions. The Power Slap makes no similar good faith effort to do the same while exposing participants to brain trauma without protective measures.”

The social media response varied, with public opinion split between the dangers and giving each person the right to choose a sport of their own volition. 

Social Media Reaction

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