Conor Benn Removed From The WBC Rankings

After Chris Eubank Jr. passed on facing him, Conor Benn has been removed from the WBC rankings, leaving the boxer in no official governing body, following his recent two failed tests for Clomiphene. 

The welterweight does have some history with the WBC after having been removed before for not enrolling in their ‘Clean Boxing’ program. Although he was reinstated after joining the scheme, his removal now speaks volumes. 

The news was a major turn around from the WBC’s initial decision to reinstate Benn in the rankings after suggesting that the ‘elevated’ levels of egg consumption in his system could have been a reason for the Clomiphene.

While that may have been the case, Benn rejected that explanation as he sought about proving potential issues with the testing system. 

Since then Benn has been suspended by UKAD, pending an investigation. Therefore, the WBC’s decision may signal a forthcoming decision from UKAD very soon. 

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